Football Manager’s Miles Jacobson on Apple Arcade, subscription gaming and finding fans in the Ted Lasso cast


This interview write-up very nearly didn’t make it onto iMore today. That’s because I was up all night playing a game. It was inevitable really — Football Manager Touch 2023 has joined the roster of games on the Apple Arcade subscription service, and with it goes any semblance of a social life or healthy sleep schedule I may have had.

Letting you live the life of a football manager (read: ‘soccer’ manager for those in the US), from organizing training regimes to hiring aspiring football superstars, the Football Manager franchise is an iconic one. Starting life nearly three decades ago as the Championship Manager series on Amiga and Atari, it’s highly addictive, boasting world-famous players as fans, with a database regularly used by real-world football scouts, and a fanbase so fervent it’s not unusual for players to wear a suit and tie when simulating the most important cup fixtures. It’s a game not only inspired by the sport, but one with such levels of depth that it actually influences it, too —if “Football is life”, to quote Ted Lasso’s Danny Rojas, Football Manager might be its digital soul.

Trying to make games for Android tablets is an absolute nightmare.

Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive


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