Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about CBD isolation


Can you create CBD isolate at home? 

To create CBD isolate at home, you would need a pretty well-equipped home laboratory! Extracting CBD hemp is already a big enterprise, as it requires expensive, technologically advanced instruments. The other processes involved are also delicate and require good knowledge of chemistry. 

So while we won’t say it’s completely impossible to create CBD isolate at home, it’s inaccessible for most people.

What you can do at home is to create CBD products from ready-made CBD oil or CBD isolate. Since this usually only involves mixing ingredients and heating them up, it can usually be done with normal kitchen utensils and ingredients.

What are CBD isolates used for? 

CBD isolates are used in a wide range of products, including CBD edibles, CBD drinks, and topical CBD products. 

As CBD is becoming more and more popular, there has been some controversy regarding the question of whether or not CBD can make you fail a drug test. While it’s unlikely that you’ll test positive for THC simply by taking CBD oil, it’s not completely impossible.

For that reason, people who have to pass drug tests usually favor CBD isolate, which is at least 98% CBD and essentially THC-free. 

Is CBD isolate better than broad-spectrum CBD extract? 

In some regards, broad-spectrum CBD extract is better than CBD isolate. For example, the broad-spectrum extract contains terpenes, non-psychoactive molecules with interesting properties. Some terpenes are known to relieve pain, others can give a mood boost, others still are great for nausea or itching. What’s more, terpenes are also known to make the effects of CBD stronger thanks to the “entourage effect”. So when you’re taking broad-spectrum CBD extract, you may actually need fewer milligrams to feel the same kinds of effects.

That being said, CBD isolates still has a few advantages overbroad or full-spectrum CBD extract. The first is that it’s guaranteed THC-free. This makes it useful for anyone who wants to pass a drug test. CBD isolate is also very useful for scientists. If you were to use broad-spectrum CBD extract on patients, it would be difficult to know if CBD is really creating the effects you observe, or if it’s another terpene or cannabinoid. CBD isolate allows you to see exactly what CBD does to the body. Finally, CBD isolate is water-soluble and can be mixed with almost anything to create simple CBD edibles, CBD creams, or CBD beverages. 


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