Everything happening for the Pokémon Unite anniversary event

Competitive MOBA, Pokémon Unite, is celebrating its first full year on Thursday, July 21. The Pokémon Company has released many updates in honor of the special occasion. Players will enjoy new fighters, special events, and more. Here are the specifics of all of the one-year festivities. 

Six new Pokémon

Pokemon UJnite 1st anniversary announcement for six new Pokemon

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Starting July 21, six new licenses (new Pokémon to battle as) will start to get released in Pokémon Unite. For now, only three have been announced. First is Glaceon, made available Thursday, July 21. Next is Buzzwole on Wednesday, August 3. Finally, Tyranitar makes his appearance on Monday, August 15. The reveal of the other three Unite licenses is going to happen sometime in September, but an official date has not been announced yet.

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