Everyone reserves the right to cheat in single-player video games

When you think about cheating, it’s usually not a very honorable vision. People pull the rug out from under others, change the rules, and nobody has a good time. But changing the rules isn’t always a bad thing, especially if you’re the only one the rules affect. While it may be obvious in multiplayer games where cheaters win every match, it can be trickier to discern what cheating means in single-player games. 

Dragging the wool over hopeful eyes

Splatoon 2 Inkling Octoling

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Everyone knows what cheating is — we’ve been told that cheating is bad, and we all know people who do it anyway. In essence, I define “cheating” two ways: One, as the act of choosing to circumvent or manipulate the set rules otherwise agreed upon by everyone else so as to give oneself an unfair advantage. Or, two, to navigate around the way a developer intended for a game to be played.

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