Ethereum and Polygon Music NFT Support Added By O.G. Audio App, Winamp


The MP3 player from the ’90s is denoting its return with a drive into the blockchain music scene.

In its latest update, the classic Windows media player Winamp has integrated music NFTs into its platform. Winamp’s new feature will allow users to play audio files embedded in their non-fungible tokens, calling it a Web3 desktop upgrade.

Sent off in 1997, Winamp’s most recent variant lets music fans connect their Metamask wallet using Valiant, Chrome, or Firefox programs to Winamp. Winamp upholds ERC-721 and ERC-1155 sound and video documents and is viable with Ethereum and Polygon.

NFTs prove digital ownership and provide a tamperproof record of transactions involving a digital asset. In recent years, NFT enthusiasts have also begun exploring applications linking NFTs to other digital media like moviesmusictv shows, and real-world assets.

“The genesis of Winamp has forever been about openness and development, and today we are glad to send off the absolute first independent player perusing sound NFTs, as well as some other existing configurations,” said Winamp President Alexandre Saboundjian in an explanation. “This new rendition of Winamp permits individuals to stand by listening to any record they need, utilizing a player they as of now love.”

Winamp says its NFT backing will be combined with different updates to make Winamp a widespread and high-level listening stage that will incorporate a cross-stage maker administration that will send off in mid-2023.

Ethereum and Polygon Music NFT Support Added By O.G. Audio App, Winamp
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“Winamp was a vital piece of the primary computerized music development when mp3s impacted how we tune in and appreciate music,” Saboundjian said. “Presently we’re supporting the main edge of the following one, as an ever-increasing number of specialists investigate web3 and its true capacity.”

Earlier today, Warner Music Group announced that it would release music NFTs through LGND, a Polygon-based marketplace.

Last month, artist, business person, and music NFT devotee Justin “3LAU” Blau sent off the Imperial NFT commercial center. As per Regal, when a gatherer puts resources into melodies or collections on the stage, they get a token addressing a level of the music’s streaming privileges and that’s just the beginning.

“You earn royalties alongside the artist and get paid when they do,” the Royal website says.


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