Eric Adams’ casino pal Timothy Pearson is triple-dipping taxpayers


Sigh: Mayor Eric Adams has made a particularly ugly addition to his crony posse by hiring a gaming executive and close friend from his days with the NYPD as a taxpayer-funded adviser on public safety in the business community.

Timothy Pearson, remarkably, collects at least three regular “paychecks,” two of them taxpayer-funded: He’s got a six-figure pension as a retired NYPD inspector plus his City Hall salary — and is still paid by Resorts World.

Even if he’s not officially working on casino issues, that’s a bad look. That it’s technically kosher because Pearson works at the Economic Development Corporation, a city-controlled nonprofit exempt from city rules, hardly helps.

Particularly as EDC would oversee the bidding process to operate a city casino, a process in which the mayor gets a say, and Resorts World is looking to expand its Aqueduct slots operation into a full-fledged casino.

This, after Adams flirted with making his brother Bernard, a retired police sergeant, an NYPD deputy commissioner until the Conflict of Interest Board nixed the idea. (He now serves as a senior adviser of mayoral security for $1 a year.)

Pearson has spent a decade as the top official in charge of security at Resorts World, the slots operation attached to the Aqueduct Raceway in Queens.
Timothy Pearson is a longtime friend of Adams and a former colleague of his at the NYPD.

Also: The mayor’s chief of staff, Frank Carone, held a stake in BolaWrap, a police tool Adams touted as Brooklyn borough president that the NYPD rejected. (Adams denies knowing of Carone’s stake, but why is his chief of staff travelling the globe when the constant flux of bad publicity, including this scandal, suggests City Hall isn’t running very smoothly?)

Adams defends his hires as qualified people whom he has good reason to trust. But the smell keeps adding up. He should tell his pal Pearson to choose between public service and his Resorts World gig, or make the choice for him.


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