Embattled Empire star Jussie Smollett DEFENDS innocence, reveals he gained ‘clarity’ from 6-day jail stint – Socialite Life


Jussie Smollett stood by his story regarding the homophobic and racist attack he allegedly encountered in January 2019, defending his innocence and sharing how he coped during his brief stint behind bars.

The embattled Empire star, 40, stopped by SiriusXM’s Sway in the Morningto give a post-jail interview and detailed how he gained clarity as well as renewed his spirit.

SiriusXM’s Sway in the Morning

“God. And my family,” Smollett said about what he focused on while locked up. “I fasted for six-and-a-half days.”

The actor said his lawyer lied about his reason behind the fast, confirming that “I wasn’t fasting for lent, I was fasting because that’s what we do in my family.”

“I have never in my life, at least in my adult life, been as clear of mind as I was for those six and a half days,” he shared. “There was a part where they told me that I was getting out. Lord knows I wanted to get out.”

Although he was sentenced to 150 days following his conviction on five felony counts of faking his own hate crime and falsely reporting the attack to police, Smollett was granted the opportunity to post a bail of $150,000 and leave jail six days in.

As Radar previously reported, he spent four days in the psych ward over concerns about his mental state. He later spent two days in the jail’s general population.

His team claimed the conditions inside the Chicago jail were “unacceptable” prior to his release.

SiriusXM’s Sway in the Morning

During his interview, Smollett didn’t address what will happen if his appeal fails, and he has to go back to jail and complete the remainder of his sentence.

Smollett said he is fully aware that a lot of people still believe the alleged attack was a hoax, adding, “I absolutely understand why people felt betrayed. And I put that in my song Thank You God.”

“If I had done something like this, it would mean that I stuck my fist in the pain of Black Americans in this country for over 400 years,” he doubled down. “It would mean that I stuck my fist in the fears of the LGBTQ community, all over the world. I’m not that mother f—–, never have been.”

SiriusXM’s Sway in the Morning

Smollett said he’s in good spirits these days and is avoiding negative energy. Plus, he’s also in therapy.

“I’m going where the love is,” he added. “Why should we subject ourselves to unnecessary pain or salaciousness or whatever. That’s why I come home to family.”


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