Elon Musk Explains Why He Bought Twitter


Musk needs free discourse, yet isn’t attempting to make Twitter a “free-for-all hellscape.”

With just one day to go before officially purchasing Twitter, Elon Musk today dropped a last-minute statement on his motivations for acquiring the social media giant. And the avid Dogecoin fan has much more in mind than just potentially incorporating crypto features on the platform.

“There has been much speculation about why I bought Twitter, and what I think about advertising. Most of it has been wrong,” Musk said on Twitter on Thursday.

Musk said his essential inspiration for purchasing the organization is to guarantee the “eventual fate of civilization.” He said the objective is to safeguard a “typical computerized town square,” where individuals with far-reaching convictions can discuss their perspectives without depending on brutality, instead of fragmenting into “extreme conservative and extreme left-wing closed quarters.”

The very rich person accepts conventional media and has reliably taken special care of these limits in the quest for benefit however established a climate bereft of exchange all the while. “To that end I purchased Twitter. I didn’t do it to get more cash flow. I did it to attempt to assist humankind, whom I with loving,” he composed.

Musk explained that he has zero desire to make Twitter a “free-for-all hellscape” with “no results,” and that client encounters will stay adjustable for what content they might want to consume.

Elon Musk Explains Why He Bought Twitter
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Concerning this, the Tesla President will hold back nothing that is as pertinent to clients as could be expected. “Low-significance advertisements are spam, yet high-importance promotions are really happy,” he added.

Cutting down on spam has been one of Musk’s top priorities for Twitter since announcing the buyout deal. Bot spam is especially prevalent in the crypto community, where scammers often adopt the identities of influencers, like Musk, to lure in investors.

Musk has considered carrying out blockchain-based answers to address such issues. In spilled messages uncovered last month, the magnate examined having clients pay a minuscule to add up to expensive register messages on-chain, making spam. “There is no throat to gag, so free discourse is ensured,” he composed at that point.

Dogecoin, Elon Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency, has risen 31% over the past two days ahead of the deal, looking especially bullish amid a broader crypto market rally this week. The billionaire is well-known for moving markets with his tweets, even when crypto isn’t directly involved.


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