Early Labor Day sales are here with $800 off this Samsung QLED 4K TV


TV’s have gotten bigger and bigger for years, and with each larger size, the previous ‘biggest models’ get ever cheaper. Not four years ago, a 65-inch set was a dream for almost everyone – now you can get one for the same price you could a 32-inch but a short time ago. This 65-inch TV from Samsung isn’t cheap – but the 2022 model is already a full $2000 cheaper than the 2021 model, with all the same kit and caboodle behind the screen – and even some upgrades. This Labor Day 2022 sale reduces the set by a full $800, bringing it firmly into the ‘this is going to be my TV for the next five years’ price bracket.

Big Labor Day Samsung 4K TV savings

Did you know that Samsung provides screens to the rest of the industry? You’ll even find Samsung displays inside your iPhone, and the iPhone 14 will likely use them too. So if your TV will likely have a Samsung panel in it anyway, why not go straight to the source?


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