Dragon Quest Treasures: Plot, gameplay, release date, and everything you need to know


The Dragon Quest series is no stranger to spin-offs as there have been several through the years. After the success of Dragon Quest XI S and particularly the popularity surrounding one of the main characters, Erik, it’s no surprise that a new game centers around this thief and his sister. Instead of fighting alongside the Luminary, Dragon Quest Treasures will have players exploring a string of islands where they can recruit monsters, explore, and dig up buried goodies. 

Dragon Quest Treasures: Plot

Dragon Quest Treasures: Erik running next to monsters.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

We were first introduced to Erik in Dragon Quest XI S, where he was one of the main character’s traveling companions. This popular Switch game brought us into this thief’s background a little, including a look into his childhood with his sister, Mia. Dragon Quest Treasures looks to explore that childhood more, focusing on the siblings’ adventures long before the events of XI S. Considering how popular Erik became among fans, it’s not surprising he’s getting his own spin-off. 


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