Does Trump realize he’s now just the Democrats’ stooge?

With President Joe Biden and the Democratic Congress presiding over a steady stream of disasters from still-soaring inflation, crime, Biden’s questionable faculties and a metastasizing illegal-migrant crisis, they’re beyond eager to have the nation talking about . . .  Donald Trump.

The ex-prez is happy to serve as the Dems’ stooge, as long as it gets him the headlines he craves. The latest was his rant at Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell on Friday for letting the Dems pass a stopgap federal-funding bill to avoid shutting down the government.

Letting Democrats continue to spend “trillions” means Mitch has a “DEATH WISH,” the Donald posted menacingly to his supporters, following up with cruel and infantile insults to McConnell’s wife.

Yes, the republic’s finances are a horrific mess, one worsened by the $4 trillion in new spending passed under Biden. And in some conditions shuttering the government might be the GOP’s best move, though history shows that it usually backfires big-time and McConnell’s unquestionably a better judge of tactics than the Colonel Kurtz of Mar-a-Lago.

More important, most of that spending wouldn’t have passed if Trump’s late-2020 “stolen election” lunacy hadn’t given Democrats control of the US Senate by depressing GOP turnout in the Georgia runoffs.

The best chance to change course now is this year’s midterms, which could give Republicans control of the House and Senate — though Trump’s made that far harder by pushing dubious candidates in the GOP primaries (and then failing to open his $100 million-plus campaign warchest to help them in the general).

Democrats, by the way, are so pleased with Trump’s involvement that they spent at least $53 million promoting his candidates in the primaries. And he’s no doubt secretly pleased at all the free publicity they simultaneously give him by ranting, from Biden on down, about the supposed “MAGA Republican” threat to democracy.

After a summertime bump in the polls, Dem fortunes this fall were starting to look worse last week in the wake of fresh bad news on inflation as the migrant crisis started hitting northern cities.

We’ve said it beforemore than once: Democrats’ best hope in the runup to Nov. 8 is that Trump will keep stepping in to make himself the center of attention, on subjects that are inevitably all about him — not the nation’s many needs.

Does he not know the Dems see him as effectively their stooge, or does he just not care?

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