Does Apple Watch SE 2 fit older cases?

Does Apple Watch SE 2 fit older cases?

Best Answer: Yes! Aside from differences in weight, the second-generation Apple Watch SE is identical in size and shares the same button layout as the previous model.

Is the Apple Watch SE 2 the same physically as the original?

If you already have an Apple Watch SE, you may have noticed that the Apple Watch SE 2 models look incredibly familiar — because they are almost identical to the previous SE. The 40mm version of the SE 2 sports the same dimensions as before: 40mm height, 34mm width, and 10.7mm depth, while the 44mm model comes in at 44mm height, 38mm width, and 10.7mm depth.

The SE 2 also shares the same Digital Crown and Side Button placement as the previous generation watch. Both buttons are still on the right-hand side of the watch, and the microphone and speaker placement appear to be in the same spots as well.

So are there any physical differences at all?

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