Dems cynically help MAGA Republicans win again


Oops, they did it again: Democrats managed to push two more “MAGA Republicans” to victory in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. For all their warnings of a MAGA “threat to democracy,” they see MAGA candidates as a huge boon for the Democratic Party — and so worth Dems’ active support.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s super PAC spent a whopping $3.2 million on ads attacking moderate GOP Senate candidate Chuck Morse. That helped put MAGA-champion Don Bolduc (who was running out of money toward the end of the campaign) over the top.

Bolduc will face Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan in November. With an approval rating of just 35%, she’s highly vulnerable, but a University of New Hampshire poll in April projected she’d still beat Bolduc by a point — but would’ve lost to Morse by two. So boosting her chances by just three points was enough for Schumer to risk a win by 2020-election-denying Bolduc.

Funding from Democrats — some $562,000, Roll Call reports — also helped Robert Burns, another Trumpie, beat moderate Republican George Hansel in the race for a House seat. Dems had aired ads calling Burns “the only pro-Trump, unapologetic conservative” on the ballot to attract MAGA voters for him. Success: He slid past Hansel by two points.

New Hampshire Republican U.S. Senate candidate Don Bolduc
Schumer’s funding helped secure a win for New Hampshire Republican US Senate candidate Don Bolduc.
Reba Saldanha/AP

Counting the New Hampshire wins, Democratic interference, to the tune of $53 million, has now aided a total of six victorious MAGA candidates in GOP primaries. Yet Dems — including, most notably, President Joe Biden himself — claim these people are out to kill American democracy.

Schumer and other party leaders either don’t really believe their own claims, or are happy to feed the threat to democracy itself just to protect their own power. Either way, it’s squalid.


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