Deeper reason for cops’ unfathomable betrayal of Uvalde school kids


As excruciating details emerge of cop inaction in Uvalde, Texas, there’s an obvious culprit: the deliberate disempowerment of police by Democrats across the country after the George Floyd riots.

All proactive action ground to a halt because of unjust, capricious new standards. You can see it on the street every day in a disengaged, risk-averse NYPD that is a shadow of its former mighty self, especially after cops were stripped of qualified immunity.

This is not to make excuses for the cowardice and incompetence of police and their leaders during the Uvalde school massacre. But there is also a deeper reason for what seems an unfathomable betrayal of the children at Robb Elementary that day, and it affects us all.

It’s not just the failures of aberrant individuals. It’s the failure of the entire system, deliberately caused, right from the top.

Joe Biden slyly played footsies with Defund Police activists in his party during the 2020 campaign. With Kamala Harris, who helped bail out violent rioters, he formed the most radical anti-police ticket in US history. Yet today he is warmly embraced by police unions like the National Fraternal Order of Police whenever he wants to use cops as props in his farcical posturing as a “moderate.” He has really never been moderate or pro-police, just a weather vane promoting whatever policies and postures will most benefit him.

Now the complicit police unions need to own the mess he created and help him fix it, fast.


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