Deaths of migrant children expose Biden’s cruelty


Monday’s tragic deaths of two migrant children again expose the danger and callousness of President Joe Biden’s open-border policy. 

The kids drowned in the Rio Grande, trying to cross the river with groups of illegal migrants enticed here by Biden’s implicit promise of permanent US residence once over the border.

That promise underlies every Biden policy on immigration, and it has now engendered a full-blown humanitarian crisis.

The steadily climbing number of migrant deaths at the southern border proves that starkly: 300 in 2019; 247 in 2020 — then a record 566 in 2021, followed by 609 this year just through July.

And those numbers include only the dead authorities find, as well as excluding fatalities along what’s typically a thousand-plus-mile journey.

Biden and national Democrats paint their “let them in” approach as a humanitarian response to those in desperate need. The hideous deaths of these two innocents show that it’s really just the opposite: cynical posturing at the deadly expense of the truly vulnerable. 

Joe Biden
Joe Biden’s administration has done nothing to fix the crisis at the border.
AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File


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