de Blasio left him a ‘mess’ and he has to clean it up


Team de Blasio “just left! They left the house in total disarray,” thundered Mayor Eric Adams to the press Wednesday, slamming the “mess” his utterly unlamented predecessor left for him to clean up. 

“They had eight years to do their job,” Adams said — and he has Mayor Bill de Blasio and his minions dead to rights. On all the issues the mayor cited, from crime to COVID policy to the Rikers Island catastrophe, the de Blasio administration failed and failed again.

Worse, it saddled the new team with a perverse lottery system for “selective” public-school admissions, an utterly demoralized police force and an impossible “replace Rikers” plan.

Now that de Blasio and his merry band of incompetent leftists are out of office, of course, they’ve become “experts on everything,” in Adams’ stinging phrase. Likely sparking his eruption was former Blas flack Bill Neidhardt, who’d publicly painted Adams as an isolated egotist whose “brand of politics” is not shared by “nearly anyone else.”

That might come as a surprise to the diverse, less-affluent coalition that delivered victory for Adams. But that’s par for the course for a de Blasio guy: The man’s entire mayoralty was aimed at pleasing a rich, white, progressive base (and often failing even at that).

De Blasio tried to distance himself from Neidhardt by tweeting, “No one speaks for me but me.” But Blaz showed the same colors by showing up at a June protest against minor Adams-administration school-budget cuts.  

Adams claimed that de Blasio's former aides have only criticized him instead of offering help like officials form other former mayoral administrations.
Adams claimed that de Blasio’s former aides have only criticized him instead of offering help like officials from other former mayoral administrations.
Stefan Jeremiah for New York Post

Adams also flagged Team de Blasio vets as unique in their constant criticisms, in stark contrast to those who’d worked under Mayors Mike Bloomberg, Rudy Giuliani, David Dinkins and Ed Koch and asked — reasonably enough — that Blas & Co. “let us do our job the way you had an eight-year opportunity to do your job.”  

Exactly right. Bitter sniping from the sidelines only shows how many lefties are rooting for Adams to fail and the city with him, rather than see it thrive under better leadership. 


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