David Hyde Pierce is set for the stage and dinner


David Hyde Pierce. From TV’s “Frasier” endlessly, TV’s “Julia” currently, Broadway’s “Dolly” previously — and tonight’s Carnegie Hall onstage.


The story’s long. My patience short. Basically he loves music, played piano as a kid, “sucked” at it then came something about Mendelssohn’s famous Wedding March, David’s “Broadway Cares” recital, playing the church organ someplace then playing music for a choir somewhere.

“I’m nervous. Used to acting but onstage tonight, one night only, at Carnegie? I’m reading excerpts, rehearsed yesterday with the orchestra but I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing.”

Besides desecrating Carnegie Hall, what’s life like?

“My husband Brian is a sous chef. We’re just glad we’re out of masks. We were in by 7 p.m. every night during early COVID time.”

In between David Hyde Pierce’s G clef and C minor, where’d he get three names?

“Oh, please. The union already had people christened David Pierce so I stuck in my real middle name, Hyde.”

Then: “Oh, my God, I have over 25 people coming tonight.”

Tuning in

More. Jan. 4 to 7, Osceola Davis — opera star, gospel singer, Boston’s First Church of Christ, Scientist soloist — will address 68th annual national conference — a gathering of singers shaping the future of opera, in Houston.

Stars who share, with no cares

Colin Farrell has said he christens every hotel room he stays in. How? By going to the loo immediately when he gets there. So how does this help him? Not clear, but he says he even reads the hotel menu while he’s in there.

Colin Farrell
Actor Colin Farrell poses for a portrait to promote “The Banshees of Inisherin” on Oct. 11, 2022.
Matt Licari/Invision/AP

Big-time star Colin was big-time descriptive. May his body get an Oscar for great acting.

Awhile back practical joker George Clooney said: “I put a bumper sticker on Brad Pitt’s car that said: ‘I’m gay and I vote.’ ” Matt Damon added: “As Brad drove through LA, people honked at him and waved. He thought it’s because he’s Brad Pitt so he waved back.”

Table topics

Thanksgiving. On a table the knife blade faces the plate. Napkin fold is on the outside next to the plate. Forks not on top of the napkin. Avoid fragrant flowers. Allergies upset food tastes.

Politics: Foggy Biden, soon irrelevant, tells how weak is our political leadership since polls indicate he’d beat Trump again.

Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump announced he is running for president for the third time.
AP/Andrew Harnik

Commentary: Do auctioneers ever shill a bid? Call out a never made bid in order to stir action? Answer: Yes!

More: If “progressive” groups advise Hochul’s pick for our next Chief Judge, NY’s Court of Appeals might become as politicized as the Supreme Court.

A 3.5-million-year-old skull just discovered in southern Africa suggests an earlier species of human development than primitive man. Archaeologists agree. They see no other way to explain this election’s Democratic winners.

Only in America, kids, only in America.


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