Cyber Monday sees the lowest price yet on Beats Fit Pro by Kim Kardashian, $20 off


Cyber Monday kicks off tomorrow, but all weekend we’ve seen this fantastic deal on Kim K’s Beats Fit Pro earbuds, that come in three neutral and inclusive skin tones. A hot-ticket item at the usual price of $199, these are sure to be popular at a discount of $20 and just $179. 

Underneath those refreshing colors, they’re Apple’s standard Beats Fit Pro earbuds with noise canceling and fast pairing. Kim K has added her own unique style with three exclusive skin tone colors, Dune, Earth, and Moon. The colors might be exclusive to Beats, but inclusivity is the key here as these colors aim to match a range of skin tones. More of this please Apple, Samsung, Bose, Sony, and co! 


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