Coding and kids: Can you teach your children how to code with an iPad?


For those of us raised in a world without smartphones, the internet, or laptop computers (Yes, I know my age is showing.), coding may seem complicated and challenging to learn, but it doesn’t have to be. Coding languages come much more naturally for young minds that have already been exposed to smart technology from a young age. The trick lies in how you teach it. For kids, learning is always easier when it’s fun. That’s where Apple iPad comes in. 

Getting started

Swift Playgrounds in action

(Image credit: iMore)

The quickest way to get kids started on programming is to download a fun coding app. I suggest the Swift Playgrounds platform, an Apple creation where users can learn coding through a vast library of simple lessons and activities. Here, your child will learn to code in Apple’s app-coding language, Swift, but many principles are the same as in other languages with concepts like loops, if-else statements, and functions. 


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