‘Clark Kent’ Look-Alike From Jan. 6 Hearing Scrubs Social Media Accounts Hours After Breaking The Internet – Socialite Life

The young man who broke the internet this week after attending the January 6 hearing looking like Superman’s alter ego “Clark Kent” has scrubbed his entire social media presence, Radar has exclusively learned.

The “Clark Kent” look-alike – who has since been identified as 23-year-old med student Alex Wollet – quickly made headlines Thursday night after being seen seated in the front row at the Jan. 6 House select committee’s latest hearing.



Wollet was further revealed to be from Youngstown, Ohio, and is currently living in Washington, D.C. as he completes a fellowship at The National Institutes of Health.

The internet went wild after the young med student was filmed sitting behind Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews, the two former White House aides who testified before the House committee Thursday night.



Although the mysterious “Clark Kent” look-alike was not identified until Friday, New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali wrote a cryptic post suggesting Wollet is “off the market.”

“The good looking man sitting behind Pottinger is not single,” Ali tweeted at 10:20 PM Thursday night as the hearing came to a close. “That’s all I will say and that’s all you need to know!”

According to The Post, Wollet graduated from high school in 2017 before going on to study neuroscience at Ohio State University. He is also reportedly involved in a special university program aiming to bring Columbus, Ohio closer to the EPA’s current requirements for the Clean Air Act.

Besides piquing the interests of those in attendance at the hearing Thursday night, Wollet also garnered an immense amount of attention from those watching the hearing unfold at home.



“Please someone get back to me once the full story is out on this dude,” one “thirsty” Twitter user wrote. “Republican? Do our thirsty thoughts Betray us?”

“Well if he is Superman that would sorta be the perfect disguise,” another user quipped while discussing whether or not the “Clark Kent” look-alike was a Democrat or Republican.

“Someone get this man a phone booth so that he can save democracy,” another viewer tweeted, alluding to “Clark Kent” regularly transitioning into Superman by jumping into a phone booth.

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