Chinese demand for iPhone 14 continues to outpace that of iPhone 13 and it isn’t even real yet

Apple’s as-yet-unannounced iPhone 14 lineup is expected to be particularly popular in China, according to analyst Kuo.

Writing on Twitter, Kuo expanded on previous claims of Chinese demand by saying that a further check with distributors and retailers in the county suggested that the demand for iPhone 13 continues to increase.

I recently talked to distributors/retailers/scalpers in China again, and they said they felt that the potential demand for the iPhone 14 series in China is continuing to increase.

As for why demand is so strong, Kuo believes it’s a simple case of market domination — Apple “almost dominates the entire Chinese high-end smartphone market after Huawei quit the 5G smartphone market, which also means that the number of potential high-end iPhone users has increased in the Chinese market,” he said.

Apple is expected to announce its new iPhone 14 lineup, comprising 4 new devices, in or around September. We also expect the arrival of the new Apple Watch Series 8 and other wearables, while new iPads are also a possibility. However, it’s those new iPhones that are sure to be the big news this fall, particularly in China if Kuo turns out to be on the money with his latest reports.

Apple’s current iPhone 13 remains the best iPhone for most people, whether they’re in China or not. It remains to be seen whether Apple moves that down the lineup this September, or whether it removes it from sale altogether.

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