CBD Cream for Bug Bites


This thick hemp salve by European brand Endoca is one of the best options to get rid of bug bites irritation fast. It’s a very simple product with a short list of ingredients, but it more than does the job. In it, you’ll find CBD extract, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, beeswax, vanilla, lemon peel oil, and vitamin E.

Each jar of the salve contains 750mg of CBD, which makes it a very highly concentrated product. This means that you can use a lentil size amount on bites and still get the relief that you need from it. Another great thing about it is that the jar size being small, it’s an easy product to carry around with you. You can slip it in your backpack and have it on hand next time you go camping, or get into another situation where bugs are rife!

As well as being very gentle and natural, this balm has a very pleasant, fresh scent. The lemon peel oil and vanilla give it a sweet and tangy smell that’s very relaxing, without lingering on your skin for too long. 

Finally, all of the ingredients in this product are natural and organic. The CBD extract itself is also guaranteed GMO-free, CO2 extracted, and third-party tested. So if you’re looking for a simple product that really delivers on quality, consider this one! 


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