Captain America hates his iPhone 12 for the same reason you do

Captain America (Or Steve Evans to his friends) loved his iPhone 6s. It was with him through everything the universe could throw at him, including Thanos. But it finally gave up the ghost recently and the iPhone that’s replaced it just isn’t cutting it. In fact, he really doesn’t seem to like it at all.

Evans reported the loss of his beloved iPhone 6s last month, replacing it with a new iPhone 12. But he was quick to point out the new device’s deficiencies when Collider caught up with him to talk about his latest movie. And while Evans does miss the Home button, that isn’t his biggest gripe. Captain America says his iPhone 12 is just too darned heavy. And even he’s having to use the pinky trick to stop it from falling to its death.

“I feel like my new phone is too heavy. I know that makes me the oldest dinosaur in the world, but the problem is… It’s right here. It’s right here. I’m going to talk some sh*t right now. Because as I hold it, you use the pinky to brace it, and it feels too heavy. It’s too heavy,” Evans ranted in his interview. I’ve been using the pinky trick for years because my hands are inhumanly small, but I can’t imagine that’s a problem Evans suffers from — and the fact even he struggles makes me feel a lot better!

On the subject of that Home button, Evans says that everyone telling him to get an iPhone SE is missing the point. He just wants “something from before to work until it doesn’t work anymore.” Seems fair enough, really. The iPhone 6s weighed in at 143g, while Evans’ beefy iPhone 12 comes in at 164g.

It isn’t clear exactly which iPhone 12 Evans opted for, but he might have fared better with the iPhone 12 mini if that isn’t the route he went. I’m still figuring out why he didn’t go the iPhone 13 route as well, but maybe even one of Hollywood’s elite can’t bring himself to pay for Apple’s best iPhone to date.

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