Can’t wait to buy an iPhone 14? Try these Chinese knock-off dummies instead

Apple’s iPhone 14 release date might actually be pinned for the fall of 2022, but you can now get your hands on dummy units of the upcoming devices sold through AliExpress.

A listing shared by ShrimpApplePro on AliExpress reveals the sale of a series of dummy units of what we expect to be the lineup of the iPhone 14 when it arrives later this year. The listing clearly states that these are non-working 1:1 fake iPhone dummy units based on leaks about the upcoming iPhone 14 design. Images only show the rear of the devices, but you can clearly see the expected 14 Max model that is expected to replace the iPhone 14 mini, as well as the vastly larger camera bumps on the rear of the device.

These phones don’t have any internal or working parts and cost as little as $6-$37.66.

So why on earth would anyone buy these? You ask. Well, one reason given by the listing is that you can give these dummy units to your small children to play with “so they don’t destroy your real phone any more.” These types of dummy units are also used by content creators and outlets to show off what we think Apple’s next best iPhone might look like based on previous leaks and rumors.

These units are also often used by case manufacturers who want to anticipate the design of the next iPhone so they can get their new iPhone cases and accessories out of the door as quickly as possible. Even then, the listing is very careful to note that before the iPhone 14 is indeed released, they can’t confirm the data and design as 100% accurate.

We had previously heard that the iPhone 14 might see a big design overhaul compared to iPhone 13, however more recent leaks suggest Apple will stick very closely to the current design, instead focusing on camera upgrades and a new processor for the ‘Pro’ models, which are also expected to receive an always-on display.

If dummy units aren’t your thing and the iPhone 14 doesn’t excite you, these Prime Day iPhone deals for Amazon’s upcoming event next month could be a better shout.

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