Can the Apple Watch Ultra use my old bands?


Can the Apple Watch Ultra use my old bands?

Best Answer: Yes, even though the Apple Watch Ultra has a larger case size (49mm), it can use any band that fits the 44mm or 45mm Apple Watch models. 

Can you use the Apple Watch Ultra bands with other Apple Watches?

When Apple announced the Apple Watch Ultra (opens in new tab), you may have taken notice of three new beautiful new watch bands that were specifically designed to be perfect partners to the Apple Watch Ultra — Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, and Ocean Band.

All three of these new bands start at $99, and you can use them with other Apple Watch 44mm or 45mm models. They won’t fit on the 40mm or 41mm models, so be sure your best Apple Watch (opens in new tab) is the correct size before you purchase them. 

What’s so special about the Apple Watch Ultra bands?

Like the Apple Watch Ultra, the bands were designed to go to extreme places.

The Alpine Loop is extra durable but lightweight, thanks to two different layers woven into one piece.

The Trail Loop is the perfect companion for hiking anywhere you want. Its two-toned colorways look great, while the pull tab makes adjusting the band much easier.

Last but not least is the Ocean Band. Its tube-like pockets in the stretchy band make it possible to fit over a wetsuit — great for diving with your Apple Watch. 


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