Cali’s car lunacy and more


This news:

“California to Ban the Sale of New Gasoline Cars”

— The New York Times, Aug. 24

“California asks residents to avoid charging electric cars amid intense heat wave”

— Fox Weather, Wednesday

We say: California wants drivers to buy cars that it doesn’t want them to charge. Meaning, don’t drive. Of course, climate warriors never actually say it that way out loud.

This headline:

The New York Times claimed that President Biden was previously working on compromises.
The New York Times claimed that President Biden was previously working on compromises.
NY Post composite / istock/ Getty Images

We say: Compromise? When did President Biden ever compromise? Certainly not since winning the White House. Yes, he promised “unity” but has only sparked division, refusing to give an inch on anything. Indeed, the only thing that’s blocked his radical agenda is his failure to win bipartisan support. With his outrageous new attacks on the GOP and wild claims about threats to democracy, that Times headline should’ve read: Ahead of Midterms, Biden Shifts From Combative to Desperate and Deranged.

This claim:

“[Biden’s student-loan write-offs are] paid for and far more by . . . deficit reduction.” 

Biden economic adviser Bharat Ramamurti, Aug. 26

We say: Bidenites will say anything. The truth? The president hasn’t lowered the deficit one bit; in his first year alone, he raised it by a half-trillion dollars more than the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected when he took office. This year’s shortfall is also on pace to be higher, though it’ll likely be less than during the pandemic. More important, running a smaller deficit than in a previous year in no way “pays for” anything: Write-offs just make the deficit greater — which is another way of saying they’re not paid for.

This statement:

“It is bitter, but inevitable, that coal-fired power plants that have already been shut down are back online.”

— Greenpeace climate expert Karsten Smid, in Telesure, Monday

We say: Greenpeace is now accepting the fact that Germany doesn’t have enough power and must restart its mothballed coal-burning plants. Yet the group fiercely opposes nuclear power, a substitute for coal that produces almost no emissions whatsoever. Do these people care about the environment — or not?

This remark:

We say: Democratic adviser Kurt Bardella has no qualms about defaming a major slice of the Republican Party as “a terrorist cell.” Yet it’s probably a stretch to call even the disorganized band of Jan. 6 rioters “terrorists,” let alone a “cell.” And they certainly didn’t represent many Republicans. Meanwhile, Dems use no such language for, say, Antifa and BLM rioters who actually destroyed cities or, say, the guy who plotted to assassinate Justice Brian Kavanaugh over the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling.

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