Buy your new iPhone 14 Pro from Verizon and get $1000 when you trade in your old one

There are many ways to get an iPhone 14 Pro, but not many could net you a new device for free. Verizon will currently give you up to $1000 off a new iPhone 14 Pro when you trade in your old device. Given that the iPhone 14 Pro costs $999, we’ll do some quick maths – $1000 is definitely more than $999, which sounds like a free phone to us. This amount will depend entirely on what iPhone or old device you trade in, although we got good prices for 2-year-old devices. Just ensure it’s in good condition – broken devices will certainly not get you as much as $1000.

Your next iPhone could be free

iPhone 14 Pro Max Deep Purple and iPhone 14 Pro Space Black

(Image credit: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore)

It’s pretty easy to get the money off the iPhone 14 Pro, but you will need to be a new customer to Verizon (sorry, continued customers). You’ll just have to hop over to the Verizon iPhone 14 Pro page (opens in new tab) and check out the ‘add a new line’ section. There, you’ll find the offer, where you get your old device evaluated. We found that even the iPhone 12 Pro would get you the full $1000, so those whose contracts are starting to end will be able to save the price of the device. If you’re switching over to Verizon from another network, you’ll also get an extra $200 to spend at Verizon with a chunky voucher.

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