Bronx murder numbers show criminal justice reforms harmful

More ugly numbers prove it: New York’s criminal justice “reforms” are slamming the most vulnerable New Yorkers. 

New NYPD data shows that the Bronx — which is around 83% black and Hispanic, with a 24% poverty rate — notched up 32% of all murders this year through Aug. 7 despite having 18% of overall city population.

As one former NYPD officer told The Post, “New York City is in a decline in its fight against lawbreakers — and the Bronx is leading the charge.” The victims include 11-year-old Kyhara Tay, senselessly killed in May in the crossfire of a street gun battle, as well as scores of others. 

Kyhara Tay.
Eleven-year-old Kyhara Tay was killed in May in the crossfire of a street gun battle.
Kyhara Tay's parents attend a rally.
Kyhara Tay’s parents attend an anti-gun violence rally.
Robert Miller
Street shooting.
The suspect in Kyhara Tay’s death was a teen with a long rap sheet.

Her death — at the hands of a teen with a long rap sheet — prompted cries of outrage from all quarters, including City Hall. But not, apparently, in the Bronx office of Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, who refuses to reconsider the reforms.

Most NYC crime victims are black or Hispanic. Yet the left has somehow convinced Heastie & Co. that pro-criminal policies are pro-minority, and Gov. Kathy Hochul has her head firmly in the sand.

It looks increasingly like the only hope for the most vulnerable New Yorkers is a November win by Lee Zeldin. Barring that, the bloodshed will surely continue to worsen. 

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