Brighten up your Black Friday with up to 60% off Nanoleaf lights


Home lighting systems come in various styles, but perhaps none are as special and unique as those from Nanoleaf. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, Nanoleaf offers a dizzying array of wall lighting panels in different shapes and sizes. Perhaps to celebrate this milestone and Black Friday, some of the company’s most popular lighting products are now on sale. 

Regardless of the style, each lightning system from Nanoleaf is controlled by the company’s official Nanoleaf app for iPhone and iPad. You can use the app to change the panel colors based on a template design (or one you created). You can also automatically adjust colors based on the surrounding sounds through your HomePod mini, Apple TV, or other audio product. Whatever you do, there’s no wrong way of doing it. With Nanoleaf, you can place the panels on your walls however you like and control them to match your style and current mode. The result is a magical journey that changes daily and looks great.


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