Brad Pitt allegedly poured beer on Angelina Jolie during heated airplane fight where she claims he physically assaulted her and their kids, unsealed FBI lawsuit reveals


Brad Pitt allegedly poured beer on Angelina Jolie during their infamous 2016 airplane altercation in which she claimed he assaulted her and their children. Radar has learned the details behind the alleged heated fight between the then-couple that ultimately broke up their marriage.

As this outlet reported, a pseudonymous lawsuit was filed against the FBI in April. The anonymous woman behind the suit has been revealed to be Jolie.

The discovery was made after the lawsuit became available to the public for the first time on Tuesday via Puck.



According to the special agent’s notes, Jolie claimed her fight with Pitt happened in the back of the plane and he had been drinking. The actress alleged her then-husband grabbed her shoulders, shaking her while yelling, “You’re f—— up this family.”

Jolie claimed the alleged assault didn’t stop there.

The Maleficent actress told the special agent that another altercation allegedly took place. This time, she claimed she sustained injuries and even gave the agent a photo of her elbow to back up her accusations.

Jolie alleged that Pitt also poured beer on her.

After the agent met with the assistant U.S. attorney, they decided not to pursue criminal charges against Pitt over the alleged incident involving Jolie and their kids.

The Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood actor has already denied any wrongdoing — however, that didn’t stop his ex-wife from continuing her fight.



The case file allegedly shows that she amended the complaint on August 9 after claiming she discovered the agent investigating the incident had prepared a statement of probable cause and presented it to the chief of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, reported Puck.

Jolie allegedly didn’t know this detail until the FBI’s FOIA response last year.

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When the news first broke that a “Jane Doe” had sued the FBI, no one was able to confirm it was Jolie, despite the details of the case seeming alarmingly similar to the actress’ assault allegations against Pitt.



“I’m unable to comment on the identity of Jane Doe, who has sought to preserve the family’s privacy,” Amanda Kramer, the lawyer representing Jane Joe, told POLITICO at the time.

“Our position is that victims and survivors should be able to access federal agency records of crimes they experienced or reported, as is common at the state level, so they can advocate for help and trauma care and legal protection for their children and themselves. Our client has been seeking such records for years and has been stonewalled and has had to resort to court action to receive those much-needed records. Legislative remedies are necessary.” has reached out to Jolie and Pitt’s reps for comment.


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