Boulies Master Series Gaming Chair review: Adjustable lumbar support in beautiful designs


I’ve been reviewing gaming chairs for the last three years and have assembled and tested dozens of seats in that time. There are three major things I look for whenever I test a chair: How good the lumbar support is, how comfortable the chair is to sit in, and how durable the chair is. In my experience, many gaming chairs tend to hit two of these three things, while the truly exceptional gaming chairs manage to accomplish all three successfully. 

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been testing the Boulies Master Series gaming chair. Boulies offers it in either Ultraflex PU leather (faux leather) or a soft water-resistant fabric. I chose to review the blue PU leather version as I find this material easier to clean if something accidentally spills. Regardless of your choice, both material versions of the chair come in some beautiful colors. 


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