Border isn’t ‘important’ to Biden because Dems want radical open immigration


Before he departed for Arizona Tuesday to give a speech on the economy, President Biden was asked by a reporter if he would be visiting the border.

His answer? “There are more important things going on.”

Now, if he’d been referring to, say, the fact that the sun will sputter out and go dark in seven billion years then, yeah, that’s more important. But he was just talking about some manufacturing investments he’d be touting in Phoenix.

This is only the administration’s latest attempt to dismiss the border crisis. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said last week, “Some people are so focused on the southern border, and that’s really not the issue.”

And who can forget Vice President Kamala Harris, the sort-of-border czar, repeating Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ assertions that the border is secure?

When folks are this desperate to get you to believe that up is down, black is white, and two plus two equals five, there’s a reason.

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Biden’s administration has downplayed the border crisis.
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President Biden responded to a reporter that “there are more important things going on.”
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It’s not just that they know the public disapproves of the border chaos. Past administrations, including Democratic ones, acknowledged public concern over immigration by tightening their policies to make it harder for foreigners to illegally enter.

This administration, on the other hand, is the first in our nation’s history to reject the very idea of deterring illegal immigration.

That’s not because there’s some kind of plan to import voters. Sure, those are ancillary benefits for the left, but the deeper reason this administration, from the president on down, doesn’t think what’s happening at the border is important is that they believe immigration controls are morally wrong — period. They believe that the American people simply have no right to keep anyone out. And if the immigration law requires them to do that — as it obviously does — they’ll do their best to circumvent and ignore the law.

In other words, the Biden administration sees the Immigration and Nationality Act as the equivalent of Jim Crow, and undermining it is the heroic equivalent of escorting black students into desegregated schools.

As of October, the immigrant population in the US has gone up by 3.2 million under the Biden administration.
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That’s what Biden means when he says “There are more important things going on” than the border crisis — not that it’s inconsequential, but that you’re a bad person for noticing.

But the consequences are real. As of October, the total immigrant population (legal and illegal) had increased by 3.2 million in the 21 months since Biden took office. Most of that increase, about 2 million, are illegal immigrants, responding to La Invitacion from Biden to cross the border and stay. The foreign-born now make up 14.7% of the population, matching the level of 1910, just before the effects of World War I and new immigration reform bills reduced the flow of newcomers.

The impact of all this on our schools, health care, infrastructure, etc. — not to mention the drugs and crime that are entering because Border Patrol has been turned into the Welcome Wagon — is huge. Maybe most important is the question of whether we can successfully assimilate such a flow. As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said earlier this year, “just the sheer number of people overwhelms communities. And this idea of mass immigration . . . is not conducive to assimilating people into American society.”

The percentage of foreign-born people in the US is at its highest number since 1910.
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That seems pretty darn important to me.

Mark Krikorian is executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies.


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