Black Friday Apple deals: MacBooks, Apple Watches, and AirPods galore


UE Wonderboom 3

(Image credit: Ultimate Ears)

Everyone loves a Bluetooth speaker – and Ultimate Ears make some pretty stellar examples. This Wonderboom 3 is a small Bluetooth speaker that’s much louder than you might expect, belying its small size with big volume. It has support for the latest Bluetooth version, although if you’re a fan of AirDrop then you’ll be slightly out of luck – this little guy doesn’t have it.

One cool feature – link up multiple Wonderbooms with the UE app and get stereo sound. Cool.

Apple Watch Series 8 hero

(Image credit: iMore)

If you’re keen on getting an Apple Watch during this year’s Black Friday deals, then it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the different options. We’ve spent hours testing these devices to help you determine which is the best Apple Watch for your needs, whether you’re looking for something that can track more activities or the watch with the best battery life. 

Apple Magic trackpad

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

Trackpads are some of the most useful productivity tools for some tasks, and some people prefer using them to using a mouse – this Apple magic trackpad is one of the best. A massive slab of glass and aluminum, it’s wireless and connects effortlessly to your Mac to give you a large touch surface to use as a mouse.

There is currently a $15 discount on it at Amazon, making it $114.

Apple Watch series 8

(Image credit: Future / iMore)

The Apple Watch Series 8 has received a $30 discount over at Amazon on the GPS version. This doesn’t make a new lowest price on the Apple Watch, but it is a great saving all the same. You’ll get a couple of nice updates to the previous Apple Watch with the Series 8, including improved battery life and a new temperature sensor for better heart monitoring and cycle tracking.

Don’t forget that you can change out the strap of your Apple Watch – here are some of the best Apple Watch bands.

AirPods Pro 2 on a mosaic table

(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / Future)

The AirPods Pro 2 have seen a nice discount today, with a reduction of $20. That might not seem like much, but it’s pretty good for a product that’s so new. The AirPods Pro 2 brought a bunch of improvements over their predecessors, with improved noise canceling and a better transparency mode.

This is now the lowest price for the AirPods Pro 2, making them more tempting than ever.

MacBook Air in leaves

(Image credit: iMore)

Back from the weekend, and the big deals are already rolling in – the MacBook Air M1 is back at its lowest price ever at Amazon. That’s a monster $200 saving, or, for those who really like percentages, 20% off. Whichever way you slice it this is a great deal on what continues to be one of the best MacBooks ever released, with its powerful chip and svelte aluminum frame. 

Don’t forget to protect that chassis, though – make sure you grab one of the best MacBook Air cases and keep that shiny new MacBook scratch free.

Sony 65 Inc 4K Ultra HD TV

(Image credit: iMore)

This large 4K HD TV features a 65-inch screen and is currently 30% off ahead of Black Friday. Stream your favorite services right from the smart TV whether they be Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, or more. The colors are vibrant and the details crisp allowing you to enjoy gaming or shows. 

At over $300 off, a TV at this size is a great buy. It’s unclear how long this deal will last, so if you’re interested you might want to act fast. 

Apple iPhone battery pack

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

It’s not cheap, but it comes straight (via Amazon) from Apple, and it’ll charge your iPhone through the MagSafe circle on the back of your phone. There’s an extra full charge on board, so it can save you when you’re in a pinch. The biggest thing is it’s size – it’ll click onto the back of the iPhone without adding too much bulk. Nice.

It’s also a nice $28 off at Amazon.

AirPods Pro case open with AirPods Pro inside

(Image credit: iMore)

These are the previous generation AirPods Pro – but that doesn’t mean they’re not some of the best true wireless earbuds around. This price isn’t the best price we’ve ever seen on them – but they’re still cheaper than the newer model at the moment.

If you’re after a pair of AirPods Pro put some thought into the older model – they’ll do you just as well for a little bit less.

JBL Flip 6

(Image credit: JBL)

HomePods are great, but they are expensive and lack Bluetooth. If you’re looking for a nice, loud, speaker that’ll hook up with Bluetooth, then this JBL Bluetooth speaker is just what you’ve been looking for. There’s a $50 saving on it too, so you’re going to save a nice amount on it too.

It’s also portable so you can take your tunes on the go – something the HomePods can’t do.

Fire TV stick

(Image credit: Amazon)

Apple TV a little too expensive for you? It may not have quite the luster of the Apple TV, but the Fire TV stick is still an excellent little streamer. It plugs straight into the HDMI port of your TV and effectively makes it a smart TV with Alexa control. You can install all your favorite streaming channels too, so you won’t miss too much. It’s not got quite the same support for some HDR and audio formats, but it’ll let you watch Queer Eye without issue.

Save $20 at Amazon one now – and pay only $20.

MacBook Air in leaves

(Image credit: iMore)

The MacBook Air M1 is still an excellent laptop, even two years after its initial release. It’s also the cheapest way to get your mitts on a MacBook, especially with this $100 saving over at Amazon.

For the price, you’ll get an unbelievably attractive laptop that’s super slim and super powerful thanks to the M1 chip. 8GB of RAM is plenty for almost everything too, so you’ll not be wanting for much with this deal.

Apple Watch Ultra

(Image credit: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore)

This isn’t reported as a deal, but it is a reduction on Full price. The Apple Watch Ultra has had a very quiet $20 discount, making it $779 at Amazon. The Apple Watch Ultra is a monster of a smartwatch, and this is the first time we’ve seen it have a price reduction.

This marks the lowest price for the watch, and while it’s not the biggest saving, its more than we expected.

iPad (2021)

(Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / iMore)

It’s not the fanciest of all the iPads, but the 9th-gen is still an excellent slice of tablet – and it’s a bargain at the best of times. At the moment, you’ll save $30 off full price, making the iPad $299 at Amazon. You’ll still get a big, bright screen, support for keyboard accessories, and Apple Pencil – for first-time iPad users it’s excellent.

While this isn’t the lowest price we’ve ever seen the tablet, it’s very close, and discounts have oddly been few and far between on this iPad.

(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / Future)

Believe it or not, you can get the brand-new AirPods Pro 2 at a slight discount ahead of Black Friday. While $15 off doesn’t seem like a lot of money, it may be the best deal you find on the product since Apple products are as new as these are rarely go on sales 

Roborock Q7 Max+ Robot Vacuum

(Image credit: iMore)

Roborock is one of the most reliable robot vacuum brands on the market as its devices offer powerful suction as well as plenty of conveniences. You can currently get $220 off the Roborock Q7 Max+ by clicking the coupon button before checkout ahead of Black Friday. 

Use your iPhone to set cleaning times, place no-go zones, change suction power, or check on where the vacuum currently is cleaning. It cleans by going back and forth in rows and leaves perfect vacuum lines. Then when it’s done, it returns to the dock and empties the dustbin’s contents into the charging dock. That way, you only have to empty the dock every few weeks instead of every day. 

Logitech G915

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

Do you prefer a mechanical keyboard? this Logitech option may have gaming in the title, but it will do great for anyone looking for a more comfortable keyboard feel. The numpad here will be useful for anyone looking to be more productive too, providing numbers at a fingers distance without needing to stretch to the num row. There are flashing gamer lights all over it, but those can be turned off for a less ‘in your face’ experience. 

This one also has a nice $80 discount, so you’ll save some money while you’re it.

Sony 2.1ch Soundbar

(Image credit: Sony)

It’s another sound bar for your Apple TV 4K, and this time it’s from Sony. This one is a little cheaper with $100 off full price, setting you back now $198. It’s a 2.1channel bar, so it’s equipped with a center channel, left and right channels, and a subwoofer for those lower frequencies. It’s got everything you need in a sound system. 

One cool thing this one features is a Bluetooth connection so that you can hook up your phone and listen to some music too. 

iPad Pro (2022) using Stage Manager showing Notes app and Safari open.

(Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / iMore)

iPad Pro M2 for $50 off? Don’t mind if we do. The smaller of the two pro models is now $50 off at Amazon, making it $749. For an iPad that’s only been around for a few weeks, that really not bad at all. For the money, you’ll get an 11-inch screen, an M2 chip, and some seriously cool camera kit on the back.

This is the tablet’s lowest price – and it might not stick around for long.

Amazon eero

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

One for the Prime members this time – a mesh network system from Amazon. If you’ve got a Prime account you can get yourself an eero Pro mesh system for $280 off full price – so its $419 now. A mesh system is perhaps one of the most efficient ways of spreading a WiFi signal throughout your house, even if you’ve got thick walls. 

No, it may not be as fast or solid a connection as an ethernet cable, but if you can drill holes all through your house then this is a perfect alternative. 

MacBook Air 2022

(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / iMore)

This is a saving of over $150 on the MacBook Air M2 – that’s its lowest price ever again, only this time it’s at Best Buy. What do you get over the previous model? A bigger screen with less bezel, as well as a notch. It’s also slightly thicker with its new design, and its keyboard is clickier with more feedback.

You’ll need to scroll down the page here a little to find the deal, but there will also be loads of other great deals on MacBooks too – not just the Air!

Sennheiser 450BT

(Image credit: Sennheiser)

So you were on the bus this morning and you just couldn’t hear yourself think over the noise of the engine or someone’s kid shouting to go to the local toyshop – not what you want before work’s even started. That’s where a pair of noise-canceling headphones come in clutch – you’ll be able to drown out toyshop kid with not only your music but specific frequencies that have been specifically designed to block out noise. This pair of Sennheiser cans will sound fab too, with Sennheiser’s classic sound profile.

At the moment, you’ll save $105 on this pair of headphones – they’re available in black and white, so there’s a color for everyone here.


(Image credit: Future)

OLED TVs have the most authentic black, making The LG C2 OLED one of the best TVs for watching HDR content. Movies will pop with vibrance and contrast to give you the punchy picture you usually can only experience in a cinema. We’ve never seen the 55-inch LG C2 at this price before, and it’s worth every penny for anyone who loves excellent picture quality.

There’s simply no better TV on the market for any application. Movies, TV, gaming — it does it all. Take advantage of this incredible deal to massively upgrade your home viewing experience. 

August Smart Lock 3rd Gen

(Image credit: iMore)

August has long been one of the very best smart locks on the market thanks to its convenient features and reliable design. Right now, the third-generation August Smart Lock is 19% off ahead of Black Friday, so you can save on smartening up your home. 

It replaces the thumbturn on the inside of your home, but leaves the front of the door looking the same, so no one can guess you have a smart lock installed. You can also assign it to auto-lock when you leave the house or auto-unlock when you’re coming back home. That’s really helpful when you’ve got arms full of groceries. Just note that you’ll need to provide your own Wi-Fi bridge if you want it to connect to HomeKit, but that’s the case with many smart locks out there. 

Samsung T7 Portable drive

(Image credit: Samsung)

Need some extra storage to go with your best Mac? We’ve found just the thing – how about an extra 2TB of SSD storage that you can take anywhere you want? This Samsung portable SSD currently has $100 off, and will work perfectly with any Mac you might plug it into.

It’s lightning fast, has USB C 3.2, and is small enough to fit in any bag. What more could you want. Hm? Whats that? You want it in a funky color? Well this one’s blue – don’t say we don’t spoil you.


(Image credit: LG)

Oh, is that a TV to go with your new Apple TV 4K and sound bar you’re after? This deal has you covered. This LG 65-inch TV isn’t only massive, it’s also got a nice $100 discount. For the price, you’ll get an excellent TV set with incredible color reproductions and LGs QNED technology. It’s also 4K – so those Apple TV shows you’re watching will look phenomenal.

It’s available in loads of screen sizes too, so there’s one for everyone and everyroom.

Samsung soundbar

(Image credit: Samsung)

Want to make Apple TV+ sound as good as possible? Then a sound bar like this one from Samsung is the way to go. You’ll get loads of extra bass from the included subwoofer and the sound bar itself is packed with loads of HiFi goodies to smash the sound of the speakers built into your telly.

There’s a saving of $190 at Amazon here – that’s almost half price.

Apple TV 4K and Siri Remote in front of a TV

(Image credit: Stephen Warwick / iMore)

The Apple TV 4K may have just been updated, but the previous version is now heavily discounted over at Amazon. The little black box of tricks is an excellent little streaming box, capable of some of the best sound format support of any product similar.

This deal will save you $80, making it less than the new one.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

(Image credit: iMore)

Did you know you can get a new iPhone 14 Pro for free at Verizon? No? Well, you do now. You’re going to have to trade in an older iPhone or old android device in good condition and choose one of the more comprehensive data plans, but you’re going to save up $1000 off a new iPhone – which if you haven’t noticed, is pretty much the exact price of the iPhone. 

Let’s hope you’ve been using a screen protector and case on that old phone!

AirPods Max red

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

AirPods Max. Apple’s most impressive pair of headphones to date – beautifully constructed, spectacularly marketed, and tuned, on the audio side, on the warm side. Trying to find a pair at a good price? This could be your chance – this deal at Amazon may not make them the lowest price they’ve ever been, but they are close.

This $100 saving is a big one, and one worth grabbing while you can – it’s on all the colors too, which is something of a rarity.  

Fitbit Sense 2 on colorful background

(Image credit: iMore)

Keep track of your heart rate, daily steps, and quality of sleep with this Apple Watch competitor. It also has built-in GPS so it can show you where you’ve been when on your jogs or other outdoor activities. Like swimming? No need to worry as it is water resistant up to 50 meters and it can go as far as you can with over six days of battery life. 

The base MSRP already costs less than many of the Apple Watch offerings, but right now it’s a steal with $100 off. 

Apple Magic keyboard

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

Fancy a new Keyboard to go with your best Mac? There’s not much better than Apple’s Magic keyboard. It’s made of aluminum, with clicky chiclet keys. It’s also wireless and rechargeable – and this one even has a numpad. Nice.

Save $30 over at Amazon at the moment, and get those typing fingers happy again with a proper keyboard.

Beats Studio Buds

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

I love my little Beats Studio Buds – they sound great, are properly tiny, and they’re also reasonably priced. At the moment, you can save $50 on a pair at Amazon – making them almost a third the price of the AirPods Pro 2

And, being completely candid, as nice as the AirPods Pro 2 are, you’re not going to miss out on too much if you go for a pair of these. They’ll still cancel noise, they still sound great, and they even come in some funky colors – at this price, almost a no-brainer.

HP 4K dual monitors

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

Fancy a pair of 4K monitors? This dual monitor bundle at HP will do the trick. They’re 28-inches big each, so there’ll be plenty of monitor space when you plug in, and they’re both nice and compact to save space on your desk. HP makes some of the best 4K monitors for Mac, and these are no different.

If nothing else, you’ll be able to watch two movies at once get loads of work done with more screen to work with.

MacBook Pro (2021)

(Image credit: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore)

The MacBook Pro 14-inch that was released last year is an impressive piece of computer. The M1 Pro chip under the hood is extremely powerful, and the new 14-inch screen is big, and crucially, beautiful. This $400 saving doesn’t bring the laptop down to its lowest price, but it does make it less than if you were to head on over to Apple and spec up a 13-inch MacBook Pro to be similar.

And yeah, I know which MacBook I’d go for.

iPad Mini 6

(Image credit: iMore)

The iPad Mini is a wonderful little tablet, perfect for when you’re on the go. This deal over at Amazon is pretty monster, however – you can currently save $100 off one of the smaller iPads, in all the colors. That makes the 64GB tablet $399 – its lowest price ever.

It may not have the power of the iPad Air, or the yellow of the newest iPad 2022, but its smaller footprint and A15 make it a contender against both. Honestly? There’s possibly no better time to grab an iPad Mini than now – even if it is almost Black Friday.

(Image credit: Christopher Close / iMore)

Upgrading your HomeKit smart home can be pricey, but that’s why Black Friday is the perfect time to search for deals on the best Homekit accessories.

The Arlo Video Doorbell (opens in new tab) offers impressive video, fast response times, and a familiar interface for answering your door, making it one of the best options around. Save yourself $40 and make sure you get a doorbell that can help you receive packages, keep an eye on your property, and sync in with the rest of your HomeKit items easily. You can’t go wrong with the Arlo Video Doorbell.

HyperX Cloud Gaming Wireless headphones

(Image credit: iMore)

Thousands of gamers rely on this gaming headset whether playing on Mac, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PS5. 

The battery lasts for up to 300 hours, allowing players to dive into game after game without needing to worry about running out of juice. To make it easier to communicate with friends online, the microphone offers excellent noise-cancelling while the DTS Spatial Audio helps you identify exactly where a sound is coming from. As far as comfort goes, the memory foam padding on the connecting band and earphones is nice and soft for a relaxing experience.  

What are the iMore team looking out for this Black Friday? Gaming Editor Rebecca Spear and Contributor Tshaka Armstrong are both looking to replace aging TVs with newer, brighter models at a bargain price – and can’t wait to see what’s coming over Black Friday. 

There are likely to be some great offers on TVs over the next few weeks for any budget, so keep your eyes peeled!

LinkBuds S

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

The Sony LinkBuds S are some of the best true-wireless earbuds I’ve ever tried, and with this price they’re back at their previous best.

They’re cheaper than the AirPods Pro 2, and they offer most of the same features – for a much lower price. There’s noise canceling on board, along with some stellar sound quality. The best thing I found out though? Their size – they are tiny and I find they blend in beautifully when I’m wearing them. This deal is on all colors. 

AirPods Pro 2 on a mosaic table

(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / Future)

Fancy some new AirPods? This might not be the biggest discount, but It’ll save you some money on one of the pairs of the best true wireless earbuds. The Air Pods Pro 2 are a pretty decent update to the AirPods Pro, piling on more features than you can shake an AirPods-sized stick at.

This deal isn’t the biggest, but it brings them back down to their lowest price ever. If nothing else, this points to the potential for further discounts that may come closer to Black Friday proper. 

iPad Air 5 using picture-in-picture

(Image credit: Future)

One of the best iPads ever, the iPad Air brought the M1 chip to a more affordable package. The screen is excellent, the chassis slick and attractive, and the performance is to die for. What could be better? A new lowest price.

This iPad Air price is the lowest the tablet has been for some time, chopping $80 off full price. It’s a great saving on a fantastic iPad. The price drop is on all the different colors, as well as storage options. There is a reduction on the Wifi + Cellular version, but it’s only around a $40 drop at Amazon.

Apple Watch series 8

(Image credit: Future / iMore)

The Apple Watch Series 8 is a very solid little smartwatch, and one of the best Apple Watches that you can buy. It’s almost becoming a must for iPhone users, and the GPS + Cellular model brings even more features to the table.

This deal makes it the cheapest that it has ever been, with a massive $110 discount. That now brings it to the same price as the GPS variant of the same size, so you can get more watch for the same price. The larger 44mm variant is also reduced, but only by $40 at Amazon. Not sure which is the best model for you? Check out the differences between the Apple Watch GPS VS GPS + Cellular.

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