Biden’s inflation gaslighting, NPR’s ‘Twitter Files’ disinfo and more


Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

This tweet:

We say: Call Biden the Gaslighter-in-Chief, because this claim is so far off the mark that even left-leaning PolitiFact admitted it lacked “context” and “clarification.” The truth? Prices have risen faster than wages for a record 20 straight months. Americans have lost enormous ground under President Biden.

This story:

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has faced heavy criticism for releasing tons of internal memos from the social media giant.
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We say: What a laugher! NPR, the taxpayer-funded network that refused to cover The Post’s 2020 blockbuster scoop on Hunter Biden’s emails — calling them “distractions” and claiming they’d been “discredited,” even though they proved 100% legit  — is now aiming to undercut Elon Musk’s release of hard evidence showing Twitter had no basis for censoring that story. Most ironic: NPR’s spreading its new disinfo in a “special series” called . . . “Untangling Disinformation.”

This statement:

“Clean energy is cheap energy. . . Once you understand that it’s cheap, it’s about creating the incentives that allow everybody to access cheaper energy sources.”

— Rep. Sean Casten (D-Ill.), Wednesday

We say: Casten is arguing that people need incentives — i.e., subsidies, like those in the Inflation Reduction Act — to get them to use cheaper energy. Because who’d want to save money unless they got an additional subsidy? Please: The whole reason subsidies are needed is because “clean energy” (solar, EVs, etc.) isn’t cheap, especially when all the costs (like storage batteries) are figured in. Nor are energy sources that depend on the weather (wind, solar) reliable.


Rebekah Jones’ claims against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis never proved true.
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We say: Media outlets like the Times portrayed Rebekah Jones as a heroic whistleblower who exposed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s alleged coverup of COVID deaths — and was then “targeted” by law-enforcement for doing so. Yet there was never any truth to her claims, and this week she struck a deal with prosecutors in which she admitted illegally accessing a state computer system.

This tweet:

We say: We can’t decide who’s wackier: QAnon folks — or people like “world-famous researcher” Caroline Orr Bueno, who see them around every corner and think “120 million” people are about to become domestic terrorists because Musk posted a bunny emoji that some people might see as a QAnon reference.

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