Biden’s fake offer, CBS’s Supreme ignorance and more


Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

This claim:

“I will work with anyone — Republican or Democrat — willing to work with me to deliver results.”

— President Biden, Wednesday

We say: Ha! President Biden has been claiming he’d work with anyone since the day he took office, yet what he really means is he’ll work with anyone . . . willing to surrender to his terms. Now, with Republicans in control of the House and able to stymie his legislative agenda, he might offer a tad more flexibility. But don’t count on much.

This tweet:

We say: Sorry, CBS, but the justices didn’t overturn any “constitutional right” — only a decision (Roe v. Wade) by a prior court that claimed to have discovered a right to abortion in the Constitution, even though legal experts (including on the left) say the founding document is silent on the issue. It’s obvious, of course, where CBS stands on abortion. But if the network’s going to be in the news business, shouldn’t it be familiar with the Supreme Court’s actions?

This suggestion:

We say: Maybe Biden was right, democracy is under threat — from people on the far left like Robert Reich. The ex-labor secretary wants to subvert democracy and deny voters the chance to cast ballots for Donald Trump by stopping him from running in ’24. Reich cites a Civil War-era constitutional amendment that bars “insurrectionists” from office, yet it’s hard to see how it applies; after all, voters (including us) may prefer Trump to fade away, but he isn’t an “insurrectionist” just because Reich says he is. Besides, doesn’t Reich trust voters, and the democratic process, to pick the best candidate?

This tweet:

We say: Yes, New York Times bestselling author Sairo Rao is a racial huckster who’s made money off berating gullible whites for their supposed racism. Yes, she thrives on provocative and outrageous (if inane) statements like these. But imagine if someone had tweeted the same thing about other racial groups: He’d be canceled in a heartbeat.

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