Biden doc nonsense, gas stove insanity and more

Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

Spot the difference:

“There are clear distinctions between Trump and Biden’s two cases”

— CNN, Tuesday 


“Mar-a-Lago – and its owner – have long caused concerns for US intelligence”

CNN, Aug. 14

We say: This is just one example — from CNN, natch — of the furious rush liberal journos are in to excuse President Biden’s possibly criminal misuse and improper storage of classified materials. The rush continues, even now when another cache has been discovered in his garage

This claim:

“This feels like the Joe Biden of 2020. . . . This trip to the border is what the doctor ordered.”

— Dem wonk Jim Kessler, Sunday

We say: Ha! Whatever else Biden’s Potemkin village stopover in El Paso was, it was not “what the doctor ordered” on our border crisis, which continues unabated and will only worsen as long as the president’s terrible policies invite in ever-more migrants (2.4 million and counting) and cripple enforcement. As for the move being reminiscent of 2020 Biden: Sure! It’s the same combo of malarkey and self-righteousness that has characterized The Great Commuter since he first came to DC back in the Stone Age.

This tweet:

We say: Utter bull. California is a deep-blue regulatory nightmare like no other. Baked goods like bread have to carry cancer warnings in stores there! (Even as its cities turn into open-air drug markets and homeless camps.) That’s why it’s suffering a population decline almost as bad as the one afflicting the Empire State. 

This headline:

The Washington Post claimed that Republicans were making Biden's environmental agenda a part of the "culture wars."
The Washington Post claimed that Republicans were making Biden’s environmental agenda a part of the “culture wars.”
NY Post composite / istock/ Getty Images

– The Washington Post, Jan. 12 

We say: The GOP is not “thrusting” anything anywhere. Some Republicans are — rightly — criticizing a supremely dumb idea from regulation-mad Green New Deal Dems. But that’s what democracy means. Policies get debated and even (gasp!) ridiculed, even if they emanate from the left. The whole silly affair proves yet again that liberals are so imperious and out of touch that all they want to do is shut down any debate, period. 

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