Biden calling half the country ‘fascist’ is a cynical political ploy


It is a bold move to insult half of the country. That is what Hilary Clinton did six years ago with her denunciation of the “basket of deplorables.”  But “deplorables” is so last season. Joe Biden, the Democrats and their media cheerleaders have decided to go one better. They seem to have decided that the best way to win the hearts and minds of the American public is dismiss half of us as “fascist.”

Or to give credit to President Biden, merely semi-fascist. 

Last week the President said “What we’re seeing now is either the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy.  It’s not just Trump, it’s the entire philosophy that underpins the — I’m going to say something: It’s like semi-fascism.”

It isn´t by any means clear what “semi-fascism” means. Just like a woman can´t be a little bit pregnant so I would think that someone can´t be semi-fascist. You´re either a fascist or you´re not. “Semi” is a weaselly way to avoid going the whole way with the accusation. But others didn´t show such restraint.

When she was asked about the comments, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre went further. From the White House briefing podium she said that MAGA Republicans are an “extreme threat to democracy, to our freedom, to our rights.”  It is “one of the most extreme agendas we have seen” she declared.

As ever the Democrat media was happy to take this even further. One MSNBC contributor declared: “We are watching right now a very radical and extreme Republican party mirror what we have seen in other places like Nazi Germany . . . We have seen this playbook before. We have seen a ruling party try to use things like propaganda, try to silence the free press, try to restrict what women can do.” The President is “ringing the bell that we need to check in, pay attention because this is a very dangerous line that the Republican party is under full embrace of autocratic ways and means.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended the president’s speech.
Getty Images/Win McNamee
Joe Biden
Biden once preached he wants to unify the country but his recent actions say otherwise.
AP/ Evan Vucci

Almost every thing in that statement is morally disgusting and historically illiterate. Was the problem with the Nazis really that they tried to restrict what women can do? As for more recent times, which party is it that has tried to silence the free press? The Republicans or the Democrats? Why the Democrats of course, with the assistance of Twitter, Facebook and now – it turns out – the FBI. So if such behavior is fascist why aren´t all these entities being described as fascist too?

Perhaps because this season´s must-have political accessory seems to be a delight in trying to piss off Republicans. Consider another MSNBC contributor – Ja’han Jones. Responding to Biden´s fascist comments Jones said that the comments were not only smart but “funny.” Because it is obviously hilarious to insult your fellow countrymen.

And that is what comments like this are doing. When he ran for office Joe Biden used to talk about the importance of uniting this country. But unifying the country seems to be the last thing on his mind now. Today his chief aim seems to be to divide us. Presumably because he thinks it will serve him well in the mid-terms and rile up his voter base.

Do they believe him? Will some Democrat voters genuinely think that Republicans are waiting in the wings preparing to turn this country into an autocratic dictatorship? Perhaps some will, as they live in their information silos and whip each other up into a lather of fear. But we must hope that more of them see through this ramping up of rhetoric.

We must hope that they see what all schoolchildren should learn, which is that you can´t insult things just because you don´t like them. There might be many reasons for a Democrat to criticize a Republican, just as there are the other way around. But if you are going to defeat an argument then you need argue against it, not insult it.

Yet it is insulting their way out of an argument that Biden and his accomplices are doing. They are not trying to correct their opponents. They are trying to anathematize them. They are using the strongest words in the political dictionary to try to declare them non-persons.

The president speaking at Wilkes University on Aug. 30, 2022.
AP/ Evan Vucci

It is the same with the way in which some people on the left have used the word “racist” in recent decades. They used it so much because they found it so useful.  It covered people in a coat of slime which it was exceptionally hard to get off. For while calling someone a racist is easy, disproving it or getting a correction is very hard. So the left used the word and used it.  Finally almost everything was racist and the term almost lost all meaning. Perhaps it did, which is why they have now decided to move on to using the “F” word.

Who knows, maybe it is smart politicking for the most radical parts of their base.  But it is horrible for the country. After all, what are you meant to do with fascists or even semi-fascists? Are you meant to play nice with them or in any way tolerate them? Of course not. One lesson everyone learned from the 20th century was that fascism needs to be fought, and that fascists need to be defeated. Killed where possible. Millions of Americans spent the best years of their life – and hundreds of thousands never came home – because of the necessity of that battle.

What does it say of their sacrifice – or the millions of victims of actual fascism around the world – to throw around the term for political convenience? For we have to believe that this is what this use of the word is: a politically convenient tool.  

For if the alternative is the case and these Democrats actually believe that they are standing against fascists – fascists who may make up half the population – then this country is in very serious trouble. That would prelude not the uniting of America, but the war of one half of America against the other. A prospect which is certainly not smart, and very far from funny.


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