Best Splatoon 3 Switch Accessories

Splatoon has been a beloved addition to the Nintendo family from the first game release in 2015 to the latest release this year. Players are drawn in by the bright colors and fun turf war battles. These fun colors make for great Nintendo Switch Splatoon accessories! While some of these came out for previous games, they’re still a great way to deck out your system.

Bright, safe, and stylish

We love the vibrancy of the Splatoon series and the beauty the color choices provide in the best Nintendo Switch accessories. If you still need a system to play Splatoon 3 on, or are looking to upgrade your system, the Splatoon 3 OLED is a beautiful system with exclusive Joy-Cons. However, if you already have a system in hand, make sure you have it protected by choosing a great case. Our favorite choice here is the HORI Nintendo Switch Adventure Pack once it’s available. However you choose to accessorize your Nintendo Switch, these Splatoon options are sure to be eye-catching.

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