Best order to play Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Gyms, Titans, and Team Star Bases


Victory Road consists of eight Pokémon gyms, the Path of Legends features five Titan Pokémon, and Starfall Street has you face off against five Team Star bases. Each of these challenges is strewn about the map, with no clear indicators telling you where to go next. It’s completely up to the player to explore and go where they want, but it’s entirely possible that you’ll bump into an enemy that’s completely out of your league if your Pokémon aren’t at a high enough level.

But where to go? We’ve formed a list of all the Challenges you can face in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, from the lowest to the highest level of Pokémon you encounter as this will be the easiest way to go through the adventure.

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Challenge Type Location
Cortondo Gym (Lv 14 – 15) Bug Cortondo
Stony Cliff Titan (Lv 16) Rock South Province (Area Three)
Artazon Gym (Lv 19) Grass Artazon
Open Sky Titan (Lv 19) Flying West Province (Area One)
Team Star Dark Crew (Lv 20 – 21) Dark West Province (Area One)
Levincia Gym (Lv 23 – 24) Electric Levincia
Team Star Fire Crew (Lv 26 -27) Fire East Province (Area One)
Lurking Steel Titan (Lv 28) Steel East Province (Area One)
Team Star Poison Crew (Lv 32) Poison Tagtree Thicket
Medali Gym (Lv 35 – 36) Normal Medali
Montenevera Gym (Lv 41 – 42) Ghost Montenevera
Quaking Earth Titan (Lv 44) Ground Asado Desert
Alfornada Gym (Lv 44 -45) Psychic Alfornada
Glaseado Gym (Lv 47 – 48) Ice Glaseado
Team Star Fairy Crew (Lv 50 -51) Fairy North Province (Area Three)
False Dragon Titan (Lv 55) Dragon Casseroya Lake
Team Star Fighting Crew (Lv 55 -56) Fighting North Province (Area One)


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