Best Nintendo Switch cases that fit in the dock 2022


Nintendo Switch cases that fit in the dock

It’s important to get a case to protect your Nintendo Switch, but the case options available tend to be a bit too bulky to work with your dock. This can be annoying if you swap between docked and handheld mode pretty often. Thankfully, there are some slim options out there. They won’t offer quite as much protection as bulkier protective cases, but these are some of the best Nintendo Switch dock cases that let you slide in and out of your dock while retaining full TV mode functionality.

Nyko thin case

Trusted brand:
Nyko Thin Case

Staff Pick

Nyko’s Thin Case offers protection for the Nintendo Switch body, your Joy-Cons, and the screen. You can also remove the Joy-Cons without having to remove the case. Get it in red/blue, Smoke, or clear.

$13 at Amazon

Fanpl Animal Crossing Case

Tom Nook’s choice:
FANPL Animal Crossing Island Case Cover

This case cover makes an adorable and convenient protector with its calming pastel green and adorable island imagery. You’ll still be able to remove the Joy-Cons, use the kickstand, and dock your Switch while it’s in place.

$21 at Amazon

Skull And Co Gripcase

Protective bundle:
Skull & Co. GripCase

This protective bundle not only gives you a dockable case with some of the best grips but also includes an awesome carrying case with plenty of storage. The grips can be traded out for different sizes, and you can choose nine different colors.

$40 at Amazon

Pzoz Dockable Case

Grippable gear:
PZOZ Dockable Case

I prefer cases that offer better grips for the Joy-Cons, and the PZOZ Dockable Case is perfect for that. The backing is see-through, so you can still see the Nintendo logo, and the Joy-Cons can be easily removed when necessary.

$17 at Amazon

Fxicai Dockable Switch Case

Animal Crossing gear:
FXICAI Dockable Case and Thumb Grips

If you’re looking for a case to match the crystal blue waters of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, then this is the case for you. It features a kickstand and even comes with three sets of the best thumb grips.

$14 at Amazon

Tscope Protective Case

Thin coverage:
Tscope Strawberry Bear Protective Case

This adorable case cover features cute strawberry, cake, and bear designs on a soft, pink background. Slip the three separate pieces over your Joy-Cons and the main display for dockable protection.

$18 at Amazon

Cybcamo Protective Switch Case

Lava kitty:
Cybcamo Protective Case and Grips

This bright casing transitions from bright orange to rich rust and is sure to protect your Switch while showing it off. It also comes with two thumb grips, each with a little kitty paw.

$18 at Amazon

Mumba Dockable Nintendo Switch Case

Full protection:
Mumba Dockable Case

This heavy-duty, slim case will protect your Switch from drops, scratches, dust — the works! It is made for an easy grip in handheld mode and easy Joy-Con removal for playing while docked without removing the entire case. Choose from four different colors.

From $19 at Amazon

Crystal Dockable Nintendo Switch Case

Colorful options:
HEATFUN Crystal Protector Dockable Case

Alongside a dockable case, you get six thumb grip caps, as well as a tempered glass screen protector to keep your Switch safe from scratches and bumps. There are four colors to choose from so you can find the look you like best.

$15 at Amazon

Best Nintendo Switch dock cases

We’ve taken a look at all of the dockable cases on the market and have determined which ones offer the most protection and convenience while still being able to dock. If nothing here caught your eye, you might want to check out the best Nintendo Switch carrying cases.

The Nyko Thin Case should offer everything you need. It’s a simple design and will keep your console and Joy-Cons protected without costing too much. If you really want something that can protect your Switch better, we recommend the Mumba Dockable Case. In addition to your choice of four colors, this case has comfortable hand grips and provides more protection than other dockable cases.

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