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If you own a MacBook, you need a MacBook charger — there’s no question there. While a charger always comes with the purchase of a new MacBook, you might be looking for a secondary, replacement, or more cost-effective option. The best MacBook chargers come in different sizes, with different ports and power outputs, at various price points, and the best one for you depends on what kind of MacBook you have. Whether you’re looking for a MagSafe or USB-C charger, these are the best MacBook chargers available right now.

What’s the best charger for your MacBook? 

If you’re in the market for a new charger, you’ll first want to identify your machine and its charging needs. There are three things to consider: One, what kind of MacBook do you have? Two, what wattage does it need? And three, what charging connector does it use?


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