Best MacBook Air deals and sales in July 2022


The MacBook Air is Apple’s least expensive MacBook product. It’s designed for the ordinary computer user, who doesn’t need gobs of power but likes to browse the internet, watch Apple TV and type out the occasional document. Slim enough to fit into any bag, the sleek MacBook Air fits into most bags while being quiet enough to use at a library. However, while it may be the most affordable MacBook, that doesn’t make it inexpensive – the MacBook Air is still a costly machine. We’ve searched out the best MacBook prices, deals, and sales to help you save a little bit of money – and get the MacBook Air that’s right for you.

 Today’s best MacBook Air Prices

The best place to get a MacBook at the moment is Amazon – especially if you’re looking for a sub-$1000 machine. The MacBook Air M1 is still an excellent choice, with a powerful chip and a very sleek body. The MacBook Air M2 is still very new – and thus hasn’t seen any price drops yet. It’s also been tricky to get a hold of due to low stock at a number of retailers – it’s available at Amazon but might not be for much longer.

Best MacBook Air deals

MacBook Air accessories deals 

 Which is the MacBook Air for me? 

There may only be two main options when you’re looking at the MacBook Air lineup, but there’s still plenty to think about when you’re thinking of buying. It does, in part, come down to use case and what kind of computer you need for your workflow or requirements. In the case of the MacBook Air, it also comes down to price. 

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The MacBook Air M1 is one of the best Macs for anyone looking to join the Mac ecosystem, with its lower price. It’s still powerful enough for almost everyone and slim enough to fit in any bag. If you’re looking for a more powerful computer, you could go up to the Air M2, or have a look at the best MacBook Pro deals for something a little more powerful. 

The M2 MacBook Air is for those who need something brand new and colorful or you’re willing to pay a little more for the newest machine. Its M2 chip is powerful enough for some light photo and even video editing, and its color options far outweigh almost any other MacBook that Apple has ever offered. It’s a truly stunning machine that would do well for anyone – if you can afford it.

 The best place to find MacBook Air deals

Amazon (opens in new tab) will often have the biggest price reductions, although you’ll also find there is frequently less choice as to what you want in your computer. You will never find price reductions on the Apple website (opens in new tab), but you can choose how much RAM and storage space you need from your new computer. It’s also possible to find the same options on B&H photo (opens in new tab), which are known to reduce prices occasionally. No matter where you go, MacBook Air deals and sales are rare, so when you see them, get in there as quickly as you can.

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