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iPhone 11 Cases

Your iPhone 11 has a beautiful design, and it deserves the best iPhone case. It comes in a wonderful variety of colors, and you’re going to want to keep it looking good. Whether you prefer a clear case to show off your phone’s true color, love leather luxury, or need a heavy-duty case to protect it in the field, these are some of the best iPhone 11 cases you can buy.

Apple Silicone Case Iphone 11 Linen Blue Render Cropped

Apple’s Silicone Case (for iPhone 11)

Staff Favorite

For some people, there’s just no substitute for the case created by Apple’s design team. It’s guaranteed to hug the iPhone 11‘s every curve; it’s a beauty. Not to mention, it’s the only iPhone case with the Apple logo on the back.

Speck Gemshell iPhone 11 Case

Clear pick:
Speck Gemshell iPhone 11 Case

Speck cases are protective and have flexible corners to make them easy to put on and remove the case. This transparent case shows off your gorgeous new iPhone 11’s color.

GVIEWIN iPhone case

GVIEWIN Marble iPhone Case

Marble is in, and this ultra-slim TPU GVIEWIN case is right on-trend. When I reviewed it, it easily became one of my favorite thin cases, but keep in mind that it’s more for scratch protection than heavy drops.

From $14 at Amazon

Nomad Rugged Folio case

Luxury folio:
Nomad Rugged Folio

Nomad makes gorgeous leather iPhone cases that are just as protective as they are elegant. The Nomad Rugged Folio is both sleek and supple with its blend of polycarbonate and full-grain leather. As noted in my hands-on review, I feel like a million bucks when I use this case! The premium Horween leather definitely adds a nice touch.

$70 at Nomad

Totallee iPhone Case

Barely there:
totallee Thin iPhone Case

I’m a fan of totallee’s absolute minimalist cases and the totallee Thin iPhone Case, which I reviewed, is as thin as a case can be! I only use this one in places where I’m not too worried about drops, though, so keep that in mind if you’re searching for rugged protection.

$15 at Amazon

Snakehive Vintage Wallet Case

Stylish and practical:
Shakehive Vintage Leather iPhone Wallet Case

The Snakehive iPhone Wallet Case is made from soft matte velvet-like European Nubuck leather that will age beautifully over time. It includes a secure rubberized TUP holder to keep your phone in place. In person, this case looks and feel much more expensive than it is, as discovered in our hands-on testing.

$38 at Amazon

Otter + Pop iPhone case

Otter + Pop Symmetry Series for iPhone 11

OtterBox and PopSockets had a baby, and the Otter + Pop Symmetry Series for iPhone is it. We reviewed this case and adored how the interchangeable built-in PopGrip ensures a firm grip for selfies and slofies. I feel more secure using this than a grip attached with adhesive.

ESR Kickstand case for iPhone

Kick back:
ESR Kickstand Case

Kick back and watch a video or FaceTime with friends hands-free. This slim TPU case has a metal kickstand that pops out to prop your iPhone up horizontally or vertically.

From $17 at Amazon

Bellroy iPhone case

Hidden features:
Bellroy Phone Case – 3 Card

This elegant full-grain leather case holds up to three cards plus a SIM card and SIM tool in the secret compartment. The compartment lid doubles as a kickstand. I feel like James Bond when I use this case! We reviewed the XS version and really liked how slim and convenient the case is.

$79 at Bellroy

Sonix iPhone 11 case

Sonix iPhone 11 Case

Sonix offers several cute, whimsical designs for the iPhone 11, such as coffee, clouds, rainbow, donuts, and more. But the case is more than cute; it’s military drop-tested. I reviewed the newer Sonix MagSafe iPhone Case and it quickly became a favorite.

From $25 at Amazon

Mous Limitless iPhone 11 case

Classy protection:
Mous Limitless 3.0 Protective Case for iPhone 11

The Mous Limitless 3.0 Case is ultra-protective without a lot of bulk, as described in our review. They’re also incredibly stylish and come in a variety of finishes with natural materials such as bamboo, walnut, and leather. My fashion-conscious son snagged this case and uses it exclusively.

From $48 at Mous

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 11 Case

Spigen’s Tough Armor iPhone 11 Case

This rugged case from Spigen is a classic. It’s got a cutout for the Apple logo, so no one has doubts about which phone you own. Plus, it has a kickstand for video viewing. This is the case that got my son through his rough-and-tumble teen years without breaking his iPhone.

From $17 at Amazon

Skinit iPhone case

Your choice:
Skinit iPhone 11 Impact Case

Skinit is known for its custom decals, but they make cases as well. Choose one of many Skinit iPhone Impact Case designs, including lots of popular licensed themes, or upload your own. When I tested this case, I loved how its wireless charging compatible, as well as ideally protective. My iPhone attended several games in the Big House dressed in this case.

Velvet Caviar for iPhone 11 Case

The hotness:
Velvet Caviar for iPhone 11 Case

This iridescent, holographic, moonstone marble case is more than hot; it’s drop-tested. Velvet Caviar’s motto is “pretty but protective” and it shows! I love my Velvet Caviar case which I showed off in the linked review; I use it when I want some serious protection (while still wanting my iPhone to look cute).

From $20 at Amazon

Ciel by CYRILL iPhone 11 Case

Charming blooms:
CYRILL Cecile iPhone 11 Case with flowers

The clear CYRILL Cecile iPhone case shows off the amazing color of your iPhone 11, overlaid with a floral pattern that’s just as pretty in person. The flexible TPU bumper and hard PC back maximize protection while maintaining a slim profile. This is one I often recommend to friends looking for a cute, inexpensive, but effective case, as I’ve tested it myself.

From $16 at Amazon

Smartish iPhone 11 Wallet case

Clever kickstand:
Smartish iPhone 11 Wallet Case

This slim wallet case holds up to three cards, but it also has a clever surprise. Pull out one of your cards and pop it into the designated slot for an instant kickstand, perfect for watching videos. I feel very cool doing this on airplanes! This case comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

From $24 at Amazon

Casetify Ultra Impact Case Iphone 11 Render Cropped

Custom protection:
CASETiFY Ultra Impact Case

If you’ve ever dropped your iPhone and broken it at the corner, you know how vulnerable that area is. The CASETiFY Ultra Impact Case has extra protection there you can see and feel. CASETiFY makes some of my favorite designs, including this one which I’ve personally tested. One of my favorite things about the case is that you can even design your own pattern if the thousands of choices aren’t enough.

Apple iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case

Extra battery:
Apple iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case

Apple’s own battery case provides up to 50% more juice, allowing you to charge this case and your iPhone wirelessly and simultaneously. With this model, Apple has added a very cool feature: a dedicated camera button. We reviewed the iPhone 11 Pro version of this case and were obsessed with the smart integration, plus the speedy wireless charging. You can choose from black or Soft White.

$130 at Verizon

Come on, do I really need a case?

I have a friend who prides herself on not using a case, despite my advice to use one. Surprise, surprise: She dropped it and shattered the screen and corners of her iPhone. When I worked at the Apple Store, I saw more cracked/damaged/dropped phones than I could count, and I was a product specialist (salesperson), not a technician (repair person).

But since you’re here to hear my advice, it’s this: Use a case. There’s no excuse to say, “I don’t like cases,” because there are so many options out there. Even the thinnest, nearly invisible cases are better protection than none at all. I do still recommend getting AppleCare+ because some drops are going to do damage even with a case. But AppleCare+ only gets you a couple of repairs (or replacements), and you’ll still need to pay a deductible. Plus, a repair can take hours out of your day. So, a simple case could save you a lot of time and money.

Do I need to spend a lot on a decent case?

Absolutely not. I have various cases in a regular rotation since I like to match my case to my outfit. The prices of my favorite cases range from about $10 to $100. An inexpensive TPU case can protect as well as the most elegant top-grain leather, sometimes even better. It’s the shape and construction of the case that matters more than price or materials. Sometimes the best cases are cheap cases.

How can I tell if a case is protective enough?

A bulky, rugged, heavy-duty case is certainly going to be more protective than a thinner case. Whether you go heavy-duty or not, always look for case edges that come up higher than screen level, so if you set your iPhone face down on a table, the screen would not contact the table. You also want the back of the phone case to be thicker than the camera bump, or at least to have a raised lip to give your camera lenses some protection. It’s nice to have some kind of textured grip on the edges of the case to make it less likely that you drop the case in the first place. Also, look for a bumper going all around the phone if you don’t want the phone’s bezel to develop micro-scratches. Reinforced corners are also a good idea since that area is so vulnerable to drops.

Will a barely-there case protect at all?

Barely-there is better than not there at all, and there are some pretty effective thin cases. It will definitely protect your iPhone from getting scratched. Maybe you’ll get protection from very light/gentle drops. I dropped my iPhone in a barely-there case onto the pavement from waist height, and it did sustain enough damage that I had to get it repaired. If I’d been indoors and dropped onto the carpet, it might have been fine. But I can’t recommend a barely-there case for drop protection.

Do I need a screen protector, too?

I absolutely recommend a good screen protector for your iPhone 11. If you don’t have one on your iPhone, your screen will develop micro-scratches over time, even if you’re quite careful. A screen protector can also help keep your iPhone screen from cracking in a fall. When I worked at Apple, I saw several people coming in for a new screen protector because theirs had cracked in a drop… but the iPhone screen was still pristine underneath.

What type of case is best?

That’s an entirely personal decision. A great heavy-duty case is obviously your best protection against gravity’s will, but if you’re like me, you really don’t like a bulky case. I’ll use one if I must, like if I use up my two AppleCare+ incidents, for example. I tend to choose a slim-to-medium case, but you do you. I’m not too picky about materials, I’m fine with TPU if the case is cute, but I also love luxurious leather.

Otherwise, it’s all about the feature set you need. Do you plan to use wireless charging? Then don’t choose a case with a ring, wallet, or PopSocket on the back. If you don’t need to charge wirelessly, those features on the back can come in handy. Portfolio-style wallet cases are a convenient all-in-one solution if you don’t want to carry a separate wallet. However, they are bulky, so a folio is not worthwhile if you don’t need that feature.

Which one should you choose?

You can’t go wrong with an iPhone case designed by Apple to pair with your device to perfection. The Apple Silicone Case is slim and fits the iPhone like a glove. The outside is smooth without being slippery; the inside is soft microfiber to prevent scratches.

On the other hand, I do love the Otter + Pop Symmetry Series cases. You get a nice, protective case that isn’t overly bulky. Wireless charging won’t work consistently due to the PopSocket on the back, but that PopSocket makes an awfully convenient phone grip for selfies and kickstand for video-watching. The PopSocket is easy to swap out if you want to express different moods without changing up the case itself. OtterBox also makes some of our favorite heavy-duty cases for iPhone 11, and it’s a brand we trust.

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