Best environmentally friendly iPhone 13 Pro Max cases 2022


environmentally friendly iPhone 13 Pro Max cases

The best environmentally friendly iPhone 13 Pro Max cases may be easier to find than you think. If this is your first time looking for a more eco-friendly case to dress your iPhone in, you’ll be happy to know that there are sustainable choices in many materials and colors. Pay attention to the different materials and processes implemented by each brand below to find the sustainable iPhone case that works best for you.

Uag Outback Bio

Most protective:

Staff Pick

The Urban Armor Gear Outback Bio is tough on drops but easy on the environment. This case will protect the iPhone from drops of up to 12 feet, but somehow it is also fully biodegradable and compostable. Win-win!

Mmore Organic Case Lavender

So natural you can feel it:
Mmore Organic Case Lavender

An iPhone case doesn’t get much more natural than this. The Organic line by Mmore incorporates real dried herbs into the back panel of the case to lend it a unique texture and a delightful scent. This one is suffused with pressed lavender that looks beautiful and smells lovely.

$41 at Mmore

Zero Waste Movement Iphone Case

Buy a case, plant a tree:
Zero Waste Movement Eco-Friendly Phone Case

When you buy a case from Zero Waste Movement, you are supporting a brand whose mission is sustainability. Not only does it create biodegradable products and packaging out of renewable materials, but the ZWM team also plants a tree for every product sold.

$30 at Best Buy

Lifeproof Wake Iphone13

Support Earth’s oceans:
Lifeproof WĀKE

Lifeproof approaches eco-friendly manufacturing from a different standpoint, by working to clean up the world’s oceans. The iMore team was eager to review the WĀKE case since it’s made from ocean-salvaged recycled plastic, and a portion of every purchase goes to support ocean cleanup efforts.

Raptic Terrain Case

Made in the USA:
Raptic Terrain Case

Here’s a biodegradable case that looks and performs like PU plastic, but the eco-friendly polycarbonate material deteriorates more quickly without polluting. The Raptic Terrain is also made in the USA using sustainable processes that reduce carbon emissions.

$40 at Amazon

Pivet Aspect Clear

Best eco-friendly clear case:
Pivet Aspect Clear

While Pivet’s totally clear and protective iPhone case is made from recyclable plastic materials, the company uses a new innovation called Self-Cycle technology. This means that if the case cannot be recycled, the plastic material is manufactured to break down rapidly (over years instead of decades) without polluting the environment.

Zagg Gear4 Brooklyn Snap Case

Best leather case:
ZAGG Gear4 Brooklyn Snap Case

ZAGG enters the sustainability race with a unique case that incorporates a combo of a protective D3O Bio base and vegan leather. Both of these materials are constructed using a combination of renewable resources and post-consumer waste. This is one of few environmentally-friendly iPhone 13 Pro Max cases that is also fully compatible with the MagSafe system.

Pela Phone Case Iphone

Pela Phone Case

The Pela brand takes pride in the fact that all of its products are 100% plant-based. Because of this, the cases are also fully biodegradable and compostable. iMore reviewers also found the Pela to be surprisingly protective. Combine that with eco-friendly packaging, and you have a real feel-good iPhone case on your hands.

A feel-good iPhone case

Bring conscious consumerism to your iPhone with an environmentally-friendly iPhone 13 Pro Max case. If protection is your top priority, you can still find an eco-friendly case that’s also very protective. The UAG OUTBACK BIO offers military-grade 12-foot drop protection in biodegradable material.

We also appreciate the Mmore brand because its cases look and feel natural as well. Each organic Mmore case contains actual elements and scents from nature. Since each of these brands approaches sustainability in a different way, you can choose the one that best aligns with your own environmental goals.

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