Best Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2022

The biggest date in the retail calendar is just around the corner, which means so too are the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals. This year, the Apple Watch line has received something of a shake-up with the release of the new, massive Apple Watch Ultra, along with the latest Apple Watch Series 8 and the lightly refreshed Apple Watch SE. 

We’ve seen some great discounts on Apple Watches over the last few months, and those looking for a new Apple Watch have rarely been disappointed. With this in mind, we reckon that Black Friday could have some pretty epic prices on offer. All being said, it can be tricky to find and keep track of the best Apple Watch deals at so many retailers and outlets, potentially ending in a mire of Apple Watch stress and irritation. Thankfully, you need not worry about finding the deals this year – we’ve done that for you, gathering all the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals in one place.

Where can I find the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals?

With the number of Apple Watch deals we see year-round, we expect the Black Friday Apple Watch deals will kick off in earnest very soon. We’ll be rounding up the best offers on this page but the below retailers are a good place to start if you want to see the deals each has to offer right now.

Black Friday Apple Watch Series 8 deals

The Apple Watch Series 8 is the latest Apple Watch, bringing some great extra features to the table. Battery life has been improved, and with the new low power mode it can last up to 36 hours. There’s even a new temperature sensor in the watch that will not only make heart monitoring better, but allow for better cycle tracking for people who need it.

Being the newest Apple Watch, we might not see too many price drops – but its certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Black Friday Apple Watch Ultra deals

The Apple Watch Ultra is perhaps the most exciting Apple Watch to be released in years. There’s a new titanium shell to make it more rugged than ever, a massive 49-inch screen, and a nice selection of new Alpine Bands. It’s the biggest, most powerful Apple Watch that Apple have ever released – and it comes at a price to match. The Watch costs $799.

As with most of Apple’s range topping products, it is unlikely that we’ll see any discounts for a while. It’s certainly worth watch out for however, should a retailer see an opportunity to reduce the price.

Black Friday Apple Watch Series 7 deals

The Apple Watch Series 7 was the first in the family to see the bigger 41mm and 45mm screen size increases. Physically, however, it remained the same size as the prior model, slipping neatly onto many a wrist. With that increase came some cool features that use the extra real estate, too, like a full-size qwerty keyboard to compose those quick reply texts. 

Black Friday Apple Watch Series 6 deals

Despite no longer being the newest model, Apple Watch Series 6 is still a super functional smartwatch by today’s standards. Powered by the S6 chipset, it’s 20% faster than the Series 5 that preceded it and features an always-on display. Like all Apple Watch models, it’s great for tracking your health and fitness goals with precise heart rate monitoring, plus it even includes a blood oxygen monitor — something older Apple Watch models do not have.

Best Black Friday Apple Watch SE deals

The Apple Watch SE launched as a lower-tier alternative to the more premium Apple Watch models, saving on cost by stripping out some of the more advanced tech and including only the essentials. It’s still a good choice today, especially if you’re new to Apple Watch or you want to save a bit of money versus going for the newest model.

Black Friday Apple Watch Series 3 Deals

Apple Watch Series 3 is a little long-in-the-tooth in 2022, but it could see some significant movement in price during Black Friday making it one to pay attention to. Though you’d miss out on advancements in pretty much every aspect, the Series 3 could be a good pickup for someone wanting to try out an Apple Watch for the first time or those really wanting to spend as little as possible. We’ve seen it go as low as $99 in previous sales making it tempting, though it would be worth stumping up the extra cash for the Apple Watch SE if that drops considerably during Black Friday sales.

When do the Black Friday Apple Watch deals begin?

The Black Friday Apple Watch deals start to roll in around Black Friday itself, peaking on the day. Keep an eye out for early deals, and make sure you’re quick off the mark so that you don’t miss out on anything.

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