Best bands for your stainless steel Apple Watch 2022

The stainless steel Apple Watch is in a class all its own. The shiny steel case makes it much more jewelry-like than its aluminum sibling. Instead of being glass, the screen is sapphire, just like upscale traditional watches. It’s a beauty for sure, so you’ll want to pair it with a worthy band. Enhance the beauty of your stainless steel Apple Watch with one of these bands.

The best bands for your stainless steel Apple Watch

Which is the best band for your stainless steel Apple Watch?

Whether you’ve got an Apple Watch Series 8 or any other model, the stainless steel version is definitely a splurge. After all, it costs almost as much as the Apple Watch Ultra, and yet it doesn’t have the Ultra’s extra features. Personally, I think it’s worth it to get the stainless steel, and have purchased it myself over several iterations. I love the look of it and consider it fashion just as much as a fitness tracker. So a great band is a must. Sure, I wear a sport band for working out, but otherwise I like something a bit more upscale.

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