Belgium’s Belfius bank will let iPhone owners use its most underrated feature soon

One of Belgium’s biggest banks is adding support for Apple Pay later this year, according to reports.

In a report by Belgian outlet HLN, it’s said that Belfius will add support for Apple Pay to its Bancontact and Maestro debit cards “later this year.” However, there is no firm information on exactly when that will happen. In addition, 9to5Mac also reports that Italian interbank network Bancomat will add support for Apple Pay soon, but there has been no official word on that so far.

Apple Pay support will allow iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch owners to make payments using Apple’s payment system. iPhone and Apple Watch owners will also be able to make contactless payments in stores by tapping their device on a payment terminal.

Apple Pay has been around internationally and at a growing number of banks for years now, with some banks still adding support. Apple recently announced its Tap to Pay feature — one that will allow people to accept contactless payments using just their iPhone. That’s different to the new support being added in Belgium and Italy, however.

While no doubt used by millions, Apple Pay is perhaps one of the best iPhone features around, but also one that doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. By adding debit and credit cards to the Wallet app, people can make payments without the need for traditional cards — allowing them to leave wallets and purses at home. With the Wallet app gaining additional support for government ID cards, that’s an option for an ever-increasing number of people.

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