Armie Hammer’s ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers ‘used friend’s email’ to dish dirt to media during couple’s sordid split – Socialite Life

Armie Hammer’s ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, allegedly used a close friend’s email to speak to journalists during her contentious split from the disgraced actor, has learned.

In a surprising development to come as Hammer is back in the spotlight due to a new docuseries, House of Hammer, by Discovery+, a cache of emails and screenshots of text messages between Chambers and the press have also allegedly surfaced.



That is the recent revelation made by CNN which claimed to have possession of the emails and text messages sent by Chambers as she was purportedly posing as her close friend while reaching out to media outlets during the couple’s divorce in 2020.

According to CNN, Chambers’ close friend “reached out” to outlets more than two years ago because she felt the publicization of Chambers and Hammer’s split “went too far” and she was attempting to “support [her] friend while she was going through a difficult divorce.”

Even more shocking are the newest claims that they obtained screenshots of messages between Chambers and her unidentified friend discussing the alleged impersonation plot.

One email written by Chambers seemingly posing as her friend was sent on October 15, 2020, to an undisclosed media outlet. In the message, Chambers accused Hammer of abandoning her and their two children in the Cayman Islands so he could meet up with actress Lily James.



Another message between Chambers and her friend allegedly showed Hammer’s ex-wife directly acknowledging the fact she is impersonating her pal.

“Omg,” Chambers reportedly wrote. “I’m currently writing an email from your account to the [media outlet].”

As previously reported, allegations that Chambers impersonated her friend to leak stories to the press come just days after one of Hammer’s sexual assault accusers, Effie Angelova, parted ways with her longtime lawyer, Gloria Allred.

According to a source close to Effie, she and Allred decided to part ways over Allred’s participation in House of Hammer.

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The new impersonation allegations against Chambers also come just days after the 40-year-old TV personality publicly spoke about her split from Hammer for the first time.

“Armie has been focused on his healing. There’s the oxygen mask theory: You can’t really take care of someone until you are taken care of,” Chambers said during an interview on Wednesday.

“He has been very busy securing his own mask,” she continued. “My mask has been secured, [the kids’] masks are on, so right now it’s really been a lot about focusing on them, protecting them.”

Chambers and Hammer were also spotted together again earlier this year, although both denied the reports that they were getting back together nearly two years after their divorce was finalized.

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