Apple’s major 2024 OLED iPad upgrade coming to more than just the Pro, says report


A new report says Apple could release second-generation OLED iPad models later in 2024 following its rumored new OLED iPad Pro.

Information from The Elec this week claims that Samsung Display is working on negotiations to supply its Gen 8.5 OLED panels to various outlets. The Gen 8.5 OLED panels in question are more economically viable compared to Gen 6 tablets currently used in devices like Apple’s best iPhone, the iPhone 13. The former is much better when it comes to making larger panels, for example, tablets or even Macs.

The Elec and others have already reported that Apple is planning to release a least one OLED iPad in 2024, namely an iPad Pro in both 11-inch and 12.9-inch models. Today’s report expands on that and states that Samsung will likely also be the supplier for new “second-generation OLED iPads” that are coming in late 2024 after the aforementioned iPad Pro. This is a possible indication that Apple is planning to add OLED to other iPads alongside the Pro, possibly the iPad Air or maybe even the new rumored 14-inch iPad we’ve been hearing about. While the article specifically says “second-generation”, it seems this refers to the improved OLED technology rather than a second-generation of the same OLED iPad we’ve heard about, the idea that Apple would release two iPad Pro models in the same year does not make sense.

We’ve previously heard that Apple may introduce a new OLED MacBook in the same year, likely a MacBook Air but possibly a MacBook Pro. ross young says that Apple’s OLED devices of the future would have better battery life, brightness, and lifespan, as well as better variable refresh rates.

If The Elec’s latest report today is correct, it could indicate that Apple is planning to overhaul multiple devices in its iPad lineup with OLED, not just the Pro as we’d previously heard.

In the meantime, it’s expected that Apple will release a new M2 iPad Pro later this year.

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