Apple’s 9 biggest mistakes and how it fixed them


Today, Apple is seen as one of the most successful and powerful brands in the world of technology. When you go out in public, you’ll see way more people using an iPhone versus the latest flagship Android device. Similarly, you’re also more likely to see people using iPads over other tablets, or working on a MacBook in a Starbucks.

But believe it or not, Apple’s success did not come without some failures and mishaps along the way. It’s like any good business — for every up, there’s always a down. We’re going to take a look at some of Apple’s biggest mistakes, and how the company fixed them.

The departure of Steve Jobs

Classic black and white photo of Steve Jobs

(Image credit: Tim Cook / Apple)

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 to sell Woz’s Apple I personal computer. In 1977, Apple Computer, Inc. was formalized as a company and the Apple II became a hit. By 1980, Apple became a public company and was an instant financial success. However, by 1985, problems began to arise due to high production costs and power struggles among top executives. This eventually caused Wozniak to take a step back from Apple, and Jobs eventually resigned after basically being forced out of his own company. After his sudden leave, he started another computer company called NeXT.


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